Tricks to reduce appetite

Are you familiar with the foods that make you lose your appetite, they help your fitness a lot and will reduce your appetite and thus your fitness

One of the main causes of obesity and overweight is overeating and lack of appetite control. Some foods are appetizing and not only introduce high calories into the body and produce too much energy in the body, but also cause an increase in appetite and overeating and do not allow you to control the amount and amount of food you take into your body.

Unfortunately, most people go to weight loss drugs to lose weight, if these drugs, in addition to having a short-term effect, have many side effects that endanger people’s health and increase the possibility of many diseases.

On the other hand, some foods reduce your appetite and prevent you from overeating and gaining weight. Consuming and chewing certain foods take a lot of energy from you and make you lose the desire to eat more. Here are some of them:




egg white

bitter cocoa




coconut oil

Foods rich in calcium

Foods rich in protein

Fibrous foods

Vitamin C

Source: Prevention

April 11, 1395 08:35

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