Try This Super Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Smoothie!

If you suffer from chronic inflammation or just want to get rid of some aches and pains, then this super anti-inflammatory pain reduction smoothie is just for you! This smoothie not only helps battle inflammation, but it increases your energy levels too. It is packed with ingredients that reduce pain and swelling, and helps nourish your cells with body-loving antioxidants.

With chronic inflammation, our immune response is constantly revved up, and this can lead to accelerated aging and a variety of other diseases like psoriasis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes (type II), arthritis, autoimmune diseases, neurological disease and digestive disorders.

A majority of the inflammation in our bodies is caused by eating foreign foods that our body cannot recognize or do much with (other than protect itself from them). These foods include all junk goods, processed foods, high-heated vegetable oils, refined sugars and corn syrup, artificial sweeteners (i.e., splenda, aspartame, etc.), refined grains, alcohol, soft drinks, animal products, food additives, nitrates (like those found in deli meat), preservatives, pesticides, and GMO’s.

If you start to change the way you eat (lots of fresh whole fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds), you have the ability to reduce inflammation (yes, even permanently!), and can even reverse your condition (this of course, takes time and dedication).

Super Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Smoothie Recipe


– 1 cup organic fresh or frozen cherries (anthocyanins in cherries help relieve pain more effectively than aspirin)
– 2 ripe bananas (energy and help digestion)
– 1 cup greens of your choice (very alkaline)
– 2 inches fresh turmeric root (potent antioxidant, liver detoxifier, and anti-inflammatory)
– 1/4 tsp. cinnamon (rich in antioxidants, helps to combat inflammation and free radicals)
– 1 tsp freshly grated ginger (potassium rich, helps stimulate digestion and bile flow)
– 1 tbsp. pre-soaked chia seeds (full of omega-3 fatty acids to help protect the body from damaging effects of chronic inflammation)
– 1 cup young thai coconut water (full of potassium and magnesium, help protect the body from degenerative diseases)


Add all of the above ingredients in a high-speed blender, pulse-blend until smooth and enjoy!

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