Try using red lipstick like this

Ask anyone around the world about red lips, remember the Marilyn Monroe-style lipsticks that made her lips stand out with a few different red colors. We also decided to learn the trick of this lipstick method.

That’s why we went to a professional hairdresser, Laramie Glenn, to teach us the techniques.

The first issue is that to do this, you have to get used to having several layers of lipstick on your lips. What I really liked was that the style of this makeup model did not show any dryness or cracks on the lips, but the matte lipsticks that I always used made the dryness even more colorful. After all, I personally do not recommend this lipstick model for everyday makeup unless you have a lot of time or a lot of lipstick. To be able to do this yourself, follow the steps below.

  • Draw a line around the lip


After applying exfoliator and emollient cream on your lips, with the darkest color of the pencil, make the lip the way you want. Dark chocolate is a great color for this.

  • Apply a base lipstick


Redden the lips with a red-brick pencil lipstick. Pay close attention to the corners and center of the lips.

  • Mix colors


Apply to the middle of the lips with a lighter red lipstick and spread the color around a little from there, but be careful not to get too close to the lips and the line you drew so that the depth you give to your lips is not lost.

  • Create a light shade

Apply a little lip gloss or lip whitener to the center of your lower lip with a makeup pen or even your fingertip. This gives volume to your lips and keeps the eyes staring at the center of your mouth.

  • Moisturize the lips


Use natural lip gloss instead of liquid lipstick to restore moisture and freshness to your body so that your lips look very large.

And the bottom line: this is you and these lips are more prominent, shiny and attractive.


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