Two important experiments for men

Some tests are very necessary and important for men and every man should do them because they are very crucial and can determine the risk of them getting male diseases. We recommend that if you have not done it before, start working.

Reza Malayeri, a hematologist and oncologist, pointed out that the test along with the doctor’s history and examination can be useful for diagnosing and treating diseases. Perform psa or prostate tests once to diagnose diseases such as cancer.

“In general, we do not have good and appropriate tests for various diseases, especially cancer,” Malayeri said. But it is better for men to try to treat their disease in a timely manner by performing two CBC and psa tests, a history and a doctor’s examination.

The internal medicine and oncology specialist emphasized: it is better to control and check people’s blood sugar and lipids continuously, and it is recommended to do things such as weight loss, exercise, and use of anti-lipid drugs to prevent various diseases.

In the end, he said: “The most common diseases in men are cancer of the stomach, intestines, lungs, prostate, sexual complications, etc., and if a specific type or type of disease is suspected, it is necessary to refer to specialists and start treatment.” Ensure your health See a specialist for treatment and adjusting your history and condition.

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