Types of famous kebabs in different parts of the world

We want to introduce you to different types of the most delicious and famous kebabs in the world. These kebabs have their own cooking method and are the most popular and popular among other grilled foods.

Although there is more of a mental image about the American people who are always cooking kebabs in the backyard, but it should be remembered that the cooking method of this popular dish is not exclusive to them, and the people of each country have a special way of preparing kebabs according to their taste. .

In general, kebab refers to cooking meat over slow flames, which can be done in the oven, on a skewer or on a grill. Of course, although the basic principles are the same, there are some differences in the technique and additives for cooking kebabs in different countries, so here we will take a look at these preparation methods around the world.

Yakitori (Yakitori) – Japan


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After America, the country of Korea is the second infatuated with kebab, and in that country it is known as bulgogi. To prepare bulgogi, thin slices of beef are cooked with sesame, chives, and soy sauce along with fresh vegetables.

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Braai – South Africa

Barai has a special place among dishes and its roots belong to the white people of South Africa, where the meat is cooked on the grid of a long-standing barbecue. Among the meats used for this delicious kebab, we can mention lamb and sausage with special African sauce. Along with this kebab, a puree called pap is also served, the main ingredient of which is corn flour.


Barbacoa – Mexico


Barbacoa is meat that is wrapped in leaves and cooked slowly in a pit. This meat is usually goat or beef. The roots of cooking barbacoa date back to before the arrival of Caribbean immigrants to Mexico, and in fact, the word barbecue is derived from it.


Kalua – Hawaii


Like Barai, this food is also a symbol of public gatherings. To cook this kebab, hot stones are first placed inside an animal, and then it is covered with banana leaves, and in the next step, it is placed in the middle of wet sand and moon. Cooking this kebab takes 6 to 7 hours.

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