Types of incense and the use of each

One of the ways to clean the skin is to incense it. The openings in the skin are opened by incense and with various masks we can get it into the skin through the openings. After fumigation, blackheads and other pimples can be removed by popping, of course, this should be done very carefully. take When pressing your pimples after smoking, you should observe hygiene tips and be sure to do this with paper towels and not with your nails.

To incense the skin, you can use small plants such as baboon, lavender, thyme, yarrow, fennel, mountain wreath, desert mint, gum arabic and camphor.

After smoking, you can use paper towels to empty the whiteheads and blackheads with pressure, but what is important here is that you smoke after the operation, because the pores of the skin will open and the pimples will also open. It is better to use grated cucumber with fresh lime or cold water if you have oily skin to close these pores.

Types of incense:

One of the best methods of incense is water vapor incense because you can do this incense anytime and anywhere. To incense with water vapor, you must expose your skin to water vapor, but you must be very careful not to burn your skin.

With water vapor fumigation, all types of pollution, fats and horny cells are removed from the surface of the skin, the skin is cleaned and finally, the skin is moisturized. This skin moisture prevents wrinkles from forming.

Among other types of incense, we can refer to Ramsen incense or Shami ginger. In addition to cleaning and refreshing the skin, this incense is also very useful for the respiratory system.

When smoking, use thick and very hot rumsen decoction. Throw a cloth or sheet on your head and then inhale the steam and at the same time, massage your skin and clean the skin with a clean towel.

To prepare this fumigation, you can put 2 full handfuls of Ramsen root in a liter of water and then fumigate your skin with the resulting steam.

In addition to cleaning and moisturizing the skin, incense of marshmallow and chamomile can also cause disinfection, brightening and freshness of the skin. After fumigation, you can use various masks, but for this type of fumigation, in addition to the mask, you can also use olive oil. If your skin has pimples, you can use lemon juice on your skin after using marshmallow and chamomile.

When using olive oil or lemon juice, use cotton and let them stay on the skin for 30 minutes. Then wash your face with lukewarm water.

Regarding the preparation of this incense, we can say that we put some marshmallow and chamomile in a container of boiling water and then leave it in the container for 10 minutes to infuse. Then, remove the lid of the container and throw a thick cloth on your head and while your face is above the container and exposed to the steam, massage your skin with the help of 2 fingers. Repeat this action several times.

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