Types of priapism / Symptoms, treatment and prospects of involuntary erectile priapism

Priapism Is a situation that causes Lasting erection And sometimes with the pain Be on for 4 hours or more No sexual arousal Must be continued. Priapism is uncommon and usually affects men over the age of 30. during Priapism It happens, the blood gets stuck in the body of the cave. A severed artery that blocks proper blood flow Penis Turns and blood circulation It raises in this area and priapism forms. This may be due to Injury Be.

What are the symptoms of priapism?

Long-term erection More than 4 hours is an emergency. Blood deprived of Oxygen It can damage the penis. If priapism treatment Do not cause damage or Tissue destruction Penis and Impotence will be . Symptoms of the disease depending on who you are suffering from Low-flow priapism Or you have a lot of blood flow, it makes a difference:

Prolonged erection for more than 4 hours

Tight penis with soft tip

Penile pain

Low-flow priapism It may become a recurring condition. When symptoms begin, Involuntary erection It may take a few minutes or a short time, but over time the erection lasts longer and longer. If High flow priapism You will also have some symptoms of low current priapism; The main difference between low-flow and high-flow priapism is that Priapism does not cause much pain . Any erection that lasts more than 4 hours without sexual stimulation, one Emergency case is considered .

Priapism, Treatment of Priapism, Symptoms of Priapism

What causes priapism?

A normal erection of the penis occurs due to physical or physiological stimulation, Increased blood flow Causes an erection to the penis. When the stimulation ends, blood flow decreases and the erection disappears. Problem with priapism Circulation in the penis Arises; Different conditions affect the way blood circulates inside and outside the penis. These disorders include:

Sickle cell anemia


Multiple myeloma

About 42% of adults with sickle cell anemia are sometimes exposed Priapism are . You may also get priapism if you are taking certain prescription drugs or are abusing alcohol, marijuana and other drugs. Prescription medications that may affect blood flow to the penis include:

Erectile Dysfunction Medications


Alpha blockers

Anxiety Disorder Medications

Blood thinners

Hormone therapy

Hyperactivity Disorder Medications

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Metabolic disorders

Cancers are associated with priapism.

Priapism, Treatment of Priapism, Symptoms of Priapism

How can a doctor diagnose priapism?

Although both types of priapism have similar symptoms, your doctor should perform diagnostic tests to determine if you have Low flow priapism Are you or High flow priapism . Treatment options vary depending on the type of priapism. Sometimes a doctor can also with Physical examination Recognize the genital area and examine the symptoms of its type. Tests that are prescribed to diagnose the type of priapism include:

Blood gas measurement

This method involves inserting a Needle Inside the penis and collect blood. If a blood sample is taken Oxygen The blood in your genital area lacks oxygen, you have Low flow priapism But if the sample shows bright red blood, you have high flow priapism.

Blood tests

Because priapism can be caused by blood disorders and other diseases, your doctor may collect a blood sample to check your red blood cell count. This will help your doctor check for blood disorders, cancers, and sickle cell anemia.

Toxicological tests

Priapism is also associated with Substance abuse Is related; So it may be your doctor Urinalysis Take from you.


Physicians of ultrasound for Measurement of blood flow in the penis use . This test can also help your doctor diagnose the underlying cause of priapism and determine if it is caused by a physical or mental injury.

Priapism, Treatment of Priapism, Symptoms of Priapism

As mentioned above, it depends on whether you have low-flow priapism or high blood flow. If you have low-flow priapism, your doctor may Needles and syringes Use to remove excess blood in the penis. It can work Involuntary erection Stop and eliminate the pain.

Other methods include Injecting medicine into the penis You. Medications constrict the arteries that carry blood to the penis and dilate the arteries that carry blood out of the penis. If none of these work, your doctor may surgery To remove blood flow from the penis.

If High flow priapism Yes, immediate treatment may not be necessary. This type of priapism often goes away on its own. Your doctor will check your condition before prescribing treatment. Cold therapy Using ice packs can cure erections. Doctors sometimes recommend or recommend surgery to stop blood flow to the penis Repair damaged arteries they do .

Prospect of priapism

Perspective Priapism It is good if you are treated quickly. To get the best possible result, it is important to look for a cure Long erection Be long; Especially if the problem is persistent. Be careful if you do not treat priapism, danger Permanent erectile dysfunction Increase.

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