Types of temperament and nutrition according to them

Different types of temperament in terms of traditional medicine need to adopt their own diet, the behaviors and temperament of these people and even your personality traits depend on your temperament, try to know your nature and then adjust your diet accordingly. do. Some examples of hot food, cold food and mild food will be introduced to you in this section.

Want to know if your mood is cold or hot? In traditional Iranian medicine, there are four concepts of mixing, cold and hot, on which all health solutions are based.

The amount of attention that can be seen in the original Iranian medicine regarding proper nutrition and eating is not seen in any of the medical schools in the world.

The sages of Iran-e-Zamin believed: “If the doctor does not start treating his patient by modifying his food, it is as if he has dared to kill him” and this sentence is very warning and concluding. The Messenger of God said: “The stomach is the home of all pains and diseases.”

Prevention, health and treatment of diseases of the body and soul of human beings will not be possible until their nutrition, eating and drinking are complete and correct.

The personality, consciousness and knowledge of human beings also depend immensely on the type of nutrition they eat, and this popular proverb has been accepted by other nutritionists in traditional medicine and Islamic medicine: “Tell me how you eat and what your food is to tell you who you are and what is your job … ”

In Iranian medicine, there is a fundamental theory called the four mixtures (soda, bile, phlegm and blood) as well as the concepts of cold and heat, on which this medicine and all health care solutions are based. It follows.

Every human being has a natural and genetic nature that is either cold or hot.

Warm nature means that a person is warm (he does not tolerate heat and cool weather is suitable for him) in winter he wears little clothes. He eats a lot of water. , Dates and cinnamon His body is inflamed and he may get pimples, itching and hives.

Cold nature means that a person is cold (he does not tolerate cold and hot weather is more suitable for him) in winter he wears a lot of clothes, drinks less water, has a desire for warmth and hot foods such as honey, sesame and sweets. Cold foods such as yogurt, cucumber, buttermilk, beef will cause discomfort such as runny mouth, oversleeping, body aches, lethargy and boredom.

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Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Cold, Hot, and Temperature:

Hot food:
Cinnamon, ginger, grapes, basil, rose, black pepper, wheat bread, olives, coffee, walnuts, squash, honey, black cumin, animal oil, black seed, salt, cocoa, chocolate, candy, mint, homemade eggs , Deer, roe, roast, fosanjan, faloodeh, halim, white berry, cumin broth, pistachio, chickpea, black olive, kebab, camel meat, salted fish, khagineh, quail, onion, salt, rooster, rabbit meat, Figs, celery, butter, hazelnuts and…

Cold food:
Fish, plums, pears, beans, lentils, blackberries, strawberries, beets, beef, tomatoes, curds, potatoes, eggplant, cherries, vinegar, malt, lemon juice, water, sumac, fresh cheese, chicken feed, Cucumber, sour pomegranate, rice, spinach, strawberry, omelet, soda, beef, liver, shrimp, barley soup, bean pilaf, eggplant curd, potato cocoa, rice milk, best soup and…

Mild food:
Broth, almonds, apples, celery, vegetables, fresh milk, meatballs with mutton, sweet apples, beef broth

Depending on your temperament, everyone should choose the right type of food and consume most of those foods. If you are hot, you should consume cold and cold foods such as pomegranate soup, plum soup, barberry juice, cucumber, citrus and yogurt, تا to moderate your inherent heat and stay in health and physical and digestive balance, less heat Eat, and whenever you eat hot food, you should eat cold and cold items with it.

It should be noted that most imported items and foods of the West (pasta, pizza, puff pastry, sausages, sausages, burgers, fancy bread, chocolates, biscuits, chips…) are constipating and constipation is very important in traditional medicine and one of the main reasons The onset and severity of diseases. Breads without bran and rice are two important factors that aggravate constipation, which is why in traditional medicine, most foods are designed in the form of soup, stew, mild, porridge, and broth, all of which are anti-constipation.

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