Unauthorized beauty activities by hairdressers

Recently, every hairdresser who works in the field of beauty allows himself to provide services to his clients in the field of beauty outside his field of work, and allows services such as Botox, prosthetics, rejuvenation and various services to be performed by an experienced doctor. Are given to themselves

The growing popularity of skin and hair beauty has led a large number of cosmetics companies, medical equipment and institutions such as the University Jihad, the Ministry of Labor and even some medical associations to hold courses and workshops on beauty and specialized skin care.

Courses such as clinical skin care (Ski-care), rejuvenation classes, mesotherapy, gel and Botox injections, laser training and… planned by companies, institutions, individuals and… for non-target groups, unfortunately the entry of non-specialists and even non-physicians And has provided technicians to do skin and beauty work. Based on the documents and relying on the training provided in these workshops, these people consider themselves competent to intervene in skin and hair affairs. They carry out their training for several hours without any clinical experience on uninformed patients, which results in injuries, many complications, and numerous complaints to the judicial and disciplinary authorities about the treatment. This trend is increasing dramatically.

A comprehensive university of applied sciences has recently been added to this group. Undoubtedly, if no solution is found in this regard, a tsunami of complications and complaints related to these unauthorized interventions in specialized skin affairs will soon start.

In this regard, reminding the following legal points can be helpful:
2) Pursuant to Article 3 of the Disciplinary Regulations for the Investigation of Trade Unions and Professionals, Medical Professionals and Affiliates approved by the Supreme Council of the Medical System on 6/6/, Medical Professionals can exclusively treat those patients whose training period Or have obtained the necessary documents from authorized centers approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

Thus, the mentioned regulation practically does not allow medical professionals to perform medical treatment for patients outside of the curriculum and educational content.

2) Article 2 of the Law on the Establishment of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, approved in 1985, as well as paragraph 26 of the Law on Powers and Duties of the Ministry, approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly in 1986, the duty of The Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education is responsible for evaluating, supervising and controlling the programs and services of the units and institutions of educational, research, health, treatment and welfare institutions and performing these matters in accordance with the relevant standards. Therefore, due to having an “academic” aspect, the holding of these courses is in the exclusive competence of university departments, and the continuation of the process of miscellaneous trainings has severely questioned the university scientific trainings and the skin and hair assistant course. It will also lead more companies and individuals to hold training classes and award invalid certifications.

2) According to the Law on Continuing Education of the Medical Society approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the by-laws on the establishment and holding of short-term professional courses, all training centers, associations and those who are allowed to hold these courses are required to obtain a license from the Ministry of Health. Are medical treatment and education; This license will also be issued within the legal framework (stating the purpose of the course, course description, target group, amount received, professors and certificate of completion of the course).

In all these courses, universities of medical sciences and educational departments and relevant units should conduct the workshop.

4) According to the regulations of medical equipment and supplies approved on 8/30/94 of the Council of Ministers and the rules of distribution and supply of medical equipment approved on 2/29/88 Any activity of companies of medical equipment and supplies, including distribution and supply of goods, must be in accordance with relevant instructions and regulations. Companies are only allowed to train after-sales device operators. As a result, they are not allowed to hold any workshops in the field of skin and beauty education, including how to inject gels and Botox, do lasers, and so on.

Medical equipment companies, on the other hand, illegally hold training workshops and then sell their products and devices to workshop participants under special conditions.

35) Pursuant to Article 6 of the Law on Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage Regulations approved by the Parliament, any person who engages in these techniques without having an official license for medicine, pharmacy and dentistry will be immediately closed and imprisoned by the Ministry of Health. Discipline from six months to two years and payment of compensation from five thousand rials to fifty thousand rials will be sentenced.

16) According to Article 3 of the Law on Governmental Punishments, Health and Medical Affairs, approved by the Expediency Council in 1996, employing unqualified persons in medical institutions is considered a crime and the violator will be fined from 500,000 to 1 million Tomans until the license is revoked. شد.

Respected officials of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and the Organization of the Medical System of the country are requested to revoke the certificates issued outside the trainings approved by the Ministry of Health and to prevent the entry of non-specialists who have been encouraged by companies to do skin and hair beauty. Representatives. Also oblige the medical community to provide treatment for patients based on the curriculum and educational content.
 Documents of involvement in training in the field of skin and hair are sent to the office of Sepid newspaper and will be provided at the request of the authorities.

Mohammad Imani
Member of Iranian Skin Association

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