Unique benefits of thyme for the body

We would like to take help from traditional medicine to remove facial acne. Thyme has various therapeutic effects for skin problems, among others, it can help reduce skin inflammation in cases such as anemia, cough, and other body problems. .

Derakhshanpour, an expert in traditional medicine, said: Thyme is a plant from the mint family that was used for embalming in ancient Egypt, while it was used as incense in Greece. The thyme plant is known for its therapeutic properties, such as its role in treating acne, stomach bloating, and runny nose. and its bitter compounds help in better digestion of food.
Derakhshanpour reminded: Thyme is a deodorant (natural air freshener) that prevents excessive sweating of the feet and is useful for relieving fatigue, weakness, weakness, anemia and severe depression.

He said: This miraculous plant is used to treat respiratory tract infections, reduce fever and eliminate cough, and thyme syrup is also effective in reducing the duration and severity of bronchitis symptoms.

Thyme bath

This traditional medicine expert reminded: pour 60 grams of thyme in one liter of water and boil for 15 to 20 minutes, filter the solution and pour it into the bath water, then massage your body muscles with this solution until your muscle pains disappear. This solution can also treat skin acne.

Derakhshanpour stated: The use of thyme medicinal plant in pregnant women is not recommended due to the increased possibility of miscarriage, and it is also prohibited for people who have undergone surgery or suffer from allergies.
I have to say; Thyme has antimicrobial, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties, and this is due to the presence of a substance called thymol, which if you eat too much of it, you may get poisoned.

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