Use dry curd for health

Have you ever used dry curd, do you know its benefits? This type of curd has less fat than liquid curd and it has less fat and more vitamins for the body. They are using this type of curd daily.

We all know the importance of using dairy products and its necessity in our diet. There are all types of dairy products available to us, and some of them are special for us Iranians, such as buttermilk or curd. Curd is used in many Iranian dishes, such as fried noodles, eggplant curd, stew, etc., and in recent years, when osteoporosis has become more widespread than before, it has received more attention, and probably most of your relatives, friends, and acquaintances have heard about its benefits. You have heard of this food.

But in order to know what properties curd has, how many calories it contains and why it should be consumed, we go to Mahdia Ali, an expert in nutrition and diet therapy, and ask her to tell us more about this food. Aali explains about the properties of curd: As you know, curd is a dairy product, and in some cases it is obtained in the process of making butter or buttermilk, and sometimes it is obtained from yogurt. In any case, like other dairy products, it is high in calcium, which is why this food item is so important. Curd also contains significant amounts of protein. There are about 105 to 120 kilocalories per 100 grams of curd, which makes it a nutritious substance that is used as the basis of ingredients in some foods. Also, curd contains some fat and different vitamins, the amount of which varies according to the type of milk and processing steps.
This nutrition expert continues: There are two types of curd, dry and liquid. To use liquid curds, you must use pasteurized curds, and it is better to boil them for 20 minutes before consuming these types of curds, because the environment of liquid curds is highly prepared for the growth of dangerous bacteria and the possibility of poisoning through them is high. But dry curd not only has no risk of contamination, but it is more beneficial for health due to its much lower fat content than liquid curd. The tradition of using dry curd, which has existed in our food culture since the past, is a very popular tradition, and even today, people can use dry curd not only in food preparation, but also for daily consumption.
Aali goes on to say: Every person can supply his body with calcium and protein by consuming three pieces of dry curd twice a day, and in addition, he can stop overeating. Because dry curd takes more time to gradually melt in your mouth, it can be very useful for those who are used to constantly eating various foods. Therefore, instead of placing dishes containing chocolate or seeds within the reach of family members, which are harmful foods, you can use dry curd and turn the habit of eating it daily into a healthy food habit.
Mahdia Aali, an expert in nutrition and diet therapy, finally emphasizes: the only thing you should pay attention to is to use dry curd with low salt, or remove the top layer of dry curd that contains high salt by grinding it and Use the rest of the curd. Because some dry curds have a lot of salt, consuming this amount of salt is not good for the body and health.

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