Use salty foods to gain weight!

Researchers have found that salty foods lead to hunger.

We have always thought that a salty diet leads to thirst in people, but researchers believe that salinity in the diet leads to hunger.

Recent studies have shown that salty foods reduce thirst, while increasing hunger due to the need for more energy.

Salty foods make people thirsty; This is a sentence you may have heard many times. The study was performed on a simulated Mars mission, and the result was exactly the opposite.

In this experiment, astronauts who consumed more salt needed more energy, but were not thirsty.

Researchers say that consuming salty snacks in the long run will lead to less drinking.

This is the first study to examine the relationship between salt in a person’s diet and drinking habits.

Scientists have found that increasing salt intake stimulates more urine production, and it is thought that this excess fluid is produced by “drinking”, which is not true.

The results showed that consuming more salt leads to the production of more salt in the urine.

“There is a link between salt intake and urine intake, but this increase is not due to drinking more, and in fact a salty diet leads to less drinking,” the researchers added.

The study was also performed on mice, and the researchers found that more salt in the diet did not lead to thirst, but rather increased hunger.

The study is published in the journal Clinical Investigation.

Source: ISNA

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