Use these methods to treat digestive diseases

Gastrointestinal diseases are among the most dangerous diseases. Gastrointestinal diseases can be directly related to colon, stomach, etc. cancer. There are different methods for diagnosing digestive diseases, which we will discuss in the following article. Stay with Dr. Salam.

The vice president of the Scientific Association of Pathology of Iran said: The diagnosis of digestive tract diseases does not progress without paying attention to the field of pathology.

On Wednesday, on the sidelines of Iran’s annual pathology conference, which is held at Razi Conference Center, Farid Karmi said: The 18th annual conference and the first international conference of Iranian pathology will be held with the approach of skin and digestive system diseases.

He announced that 3 prominent professors of pathology in the world are present at this year’s congress, and added: These people are prominent figures in the field of pathology in the field of skin and digestive system diseases, who have come to Tehran to give speeches.

Referring to the importance of diagnosing skin diseases, he added: Skin diseases are not only cancer, but are divided into two categories: skin inflammations and skin cancers.

Emphasizing that there is currently a dermatology fellowship or fellowship in the country, Kerami said: diagnosis of skin diseases is done based on the expertise of pathologists.

He further mentioned digestive system diseases as one of the most common diseases that lead to cancer in the country and said: Intestinal and stomach diseases have a high prevalence in the country so that the largest number of laboratory samples in the fields of these Diseases.

The vice-president of the Scientific Association of Pathology of Iran, emphasizing the fact that it is safe to say that digestive diseases do not progress without pathology, added: the answer of pathology is of great importance in the diagnosis of diseases of the digestive system.

With the title of this article that the country’s pathologists have up-to-date training, Kerami drew attention to the issue of diagnosing diseases in pathology laboratories and said: if the laboratory samples are referred to laboratories with pathologists, the diagnoses will be more accurate. Was.

Declaring that our pathologists have enough experience, he said: All pathology laboratories in the country have the necessary equipment.

Kerami further pointed to the economic situation of medical diagnostic laboratories and said: “Unfortunately, pathology laboratories are in financial distress, because they have to comply with government tariffs, while these tariffs do not correspond to reality and meet the costs of the laboratories.” is not.

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