Useful facts about orgasm

Why do women reach orgasm late during sex and what is the most important cause of this problem in women? How can they be helped in this regard and what should husbands know in this regard?

But if you do not orgasm in this regard, both people will feel dissatisfied. Failure to reach orgasm can have a variety of physical and psychological reasons, but proper diagnosis and flirting therapy will teach you how to orgasm and enjoy sex.

Although some women find it difficult to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse or never experience it, it is not always a female problem, and men may also have difficulty reaching orgasm. To be. In particular, some physical and mental problems in a relationship make it more difficult for both parties to reach orgasm. But there are solutions to the problem.

Lack of sexual pleasure includes:
Orgasm is not achieved at all
Orgasm is delayed (reaching orgasm takes a long time or requires a lot of stimulation)
Satisfactory orgasm is not achieved
– Late ejaculation
Ejaculation without orgasm

Some potential causes of this problem in men and women:
– There is a problem in the relationship
– The monotony and boredom of the bedroom
– Physical or mental harm, such as feelings of rape or sexual abuse
– The level of health of people that affects their nerves and hormone levels
Feeling embarrassed about sex
Lack of sufficient information about orgasm, sexual intercourse and effective arousal
Side effects of some medications, such as antidepressants

Fear prevents orgasm, says Isadora Elman, a marriage specialist and family counselor: “People may not be physically aroused properly. “If a man or a woman is provoked by themselves, they are hardly provoked by others.”

Diagnose the problem of lack of orgasm
“If you have an orgasmic problem, it is recommended that you see a sex therapist to find the source of your problem and treat you properly,” says Dr. Elman. “Failure to reach orgasm may be due to a physical problem, and your therapist will advise you to see your doctor.”
The sex therapist will ask you questions about how to have sex, your sexual partner, as well as your expectations and desires in a sexual relationship, and you should be prepared to answer all of his or her questions honestly.

The solution to orgasm problems
If you have a physical problem, your doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment, and if you have a mental health problem, the sex therapist will suggest appropriate solutions.
“They have to figure out how and with what stimuli they reach orgasm, and sometimes they need to fantasize in their minds to reach orgasm,” says Dr. Elman about women. If a woman realizes what sexual stimulation she needs physically, then it should be seen if she can easily tell her needs to her husband ?! “So to solve the problem, one must first find the physiological origin of the problem and then examine the relationship solutions.”
The same is true for men. The most important thing to have a good sex relationship is to talk about it with your partner. If you want to reach orgasm or you just want to feel comfortable in your bedroom, in any case, you must express your needs and desires to your partner.

Although talking about sexual issues may be a little embarrassing at first and how the other person should approach it, it should be a bit of a stretch, and all the unresolved issues should be addressed. Even if issues such as a messy home environment prevent you from calming down, they should be resolved through talking so that you can finally reach the climax of your sexual pleasure with the calmness created.

What do you want? What do you like? And what are your needs? speak. Because not reaching orgasm has negative effects on you and in return these negative effects will be transmitted to your partner. Talking about sex increases the feeling of intimacy and closeness between you and causes the flames of love that you were waiting for to burn in the bedroom.

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