Useful information about tonsillectomy

How much do you know about tonsillectomy surgery? What effects does this type of surgery have on a person with a sore throat and how much does it affect the improvement of this complication in his body? What side effects does this operation have?

Although the tonsils are part of the immune system, treatment for recurrent and severe sore throats requires tonsillectomy.

Tonsillectomy or tonsillectomy is recommended for people who have recurrent severe sore throats.

“Tonsils are part of the body’s immune system to fight infection,” said doctors, adding that tonsillectomy surgery helps improve the quality of life for people with common sore throats.

During the study, doctors examined 114 adults who had undergone tonsillectomy in 2004. They were also asked to answer questionnaires several times, including before surgery, 14 months after surgery, and again seven years later. The purpose of this work is to examine the number of sore throats that these people suffer from each year and to examine the general condition of their lives.

The findings show that after tonsillectomy, people who typically had a sore throat about 10 or more times a year would only have a sore throat twice or less.

According to Science World Report, the results of this study also show that the overall quality of life and social relationships of these people have improved after surgery.


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