Useful nutritional strategies to strengthen the mind

The grandmothers knew many things, one as soon as they said to their grandchildren, “Baby, eat some vegetables.” They may not have known how much they can increase children’s intelligence and memory with this advice, but… I wish we were listening children! At that time, we could now have a successful restaurant instead of the “Success Cooking” page. By the way, fruits and vegetables have an effect on increasing intelligence and memory, and incidentally, they also have a great effect. So in this issue, we roll up our sleeves and go to the kitchen to try to increase our intelligence and memory by using fruits and vegetables. Who knows, maybe there is still a chance to be smarter and preside over a successful restaurant!

Pumpkin omelette with cheese


Eggs: 6 eggs

Olive oil: 2 tablespoons

Pizza cheese: 100 g

Fresh mint: a branch

Zucchini: 6 pieces

Milk: 4 tablespoons

Salt and pepper: as needed

Preparation method:

With these ingredients, you can cook an amazing pumpkin omelet for 4 people in 10 minutes. Now, if they do not like pumpkins, this is their own problem. Explain to them the effect of vegetables on increasing intelligence and tell them to eat their food. Wash the squash and cut it into small slices with the skin. Pour olive oil in a non-stick pan and fry the squash gently. Now in a salad bowl, beat the eggs with the milk and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Then pour the eggs over the squash in a pan and stir well to mix with the squash and let it cook. If you wish, you can fry 2 to 3 cloves of crushed garlic with the squash. A few minutes before the end of cooking, add the chopped cheese and mint leaves, then sprinkle a little pepper, cut the omelette into 2 parts in a pan, and after the cheese has melted, serve it in another dish. (Tip: it is better to use small pumpkins)

Properties of greens

Green is a soothing color and when you see this color, you feel relaxed and enjoy its existence, and it is interesting that this beautiful and soothing color, in addition to attracting you in appearance and you enjoy it, properties There are many treatments and it is useful for your body. In fact, everything green that you see has this property and this is also true for green fruits and vegetables. This color is very useful for nervous and restless people. Green color has antiseptic properties and is suitable for cardiovascular diseases and intestinal diseases (constipation), stomach (indigestion, stomach ulcers, etc.), kidneys (kidney stones and urinary tract disorders) and lungs (respiratory problems, Asthma and…). This color is also effective for treating deep wounds and severe burns. These properties are found in abundance in fruits and vegetables that are green. Research has shown that green fruits and vegetables have antiseptic properties and are effective in digesting and absorbing food. Green fruits and vegetables are recommended for people suffering from neurological diseases. Green vegetables are also very effective in treating deep wounds and burns and lung and kidney diseases and are widely used in the treatment of heart disease. For example, parsley has antiseptic properties of the blood and gastrointestinal tract. Parsley stimulates the muscles of the intestines and uterus and is suitable for the stomach and digestion.

Green Pizza


Pizza dough: 250 grams

Broccoli: 300 grams

Pumpkin: 300 grams

Green olives: 12 pieces

Salt and pepper: as needed

Pizza cheese: one pack

Basil: A bunch

Chopped garlic: a tablespoon

Thyme powder: some

Olive oil: as needed

Preparation method:

Preheat the oven to 220 ° C so that the oven tray is inside and stays warm. Wash the cabbages and squash, boil the cabbage in salted water for 2 minutes and then rinse. Roll the squash in a tablespoon of olive oil for a few minutes and set aside. Cut the cabbage into slices. Slice the pizza cheese and set aside. Spread a large sheet of greaseproof paper. Spread olive oil on it and spread the pumpkins first and then the cabbage and cheese on it. Then sprinkle the chopped green olives and garlic, thyme and chopped basil on it and add salt and pepper. Pour a small amount of olive oil on the pizza. Now carefully place the pizza without paper on a hot oven tray and cook for 15 minutes.

Properties of reds

It is a stimulant and appetizing color. An energetic color that has the same properties as red food. Usually we are very eager to eat red foods. This color, and in fact red fruits and vegetables, in addition to increasing appetite, is very suitable for people with anemia and people with iron deficiency. It is also very effective in treating infections and severe burns, and usually this Fruits and vegetables are used in the treatment of lung diseases, intestinal problems (constipation) and uterus. Red food is very energetic and is very useful in strengthening the heart and increasing blood pressure and blood concentration and strengthens the intestines. And liver.

Properties of oranges

A beautiful color and a lively and juicy head that does not create a feeling of beauty and attention in the end. Orange vegetables and fruits and any orange object in general are very effective in increasing breast milk. Orange food is very energetic and is a good stimulant for the nerves and is useful for respiratory and cough problems, anti-asthma and pulmonary tuberculosis, and is effective in treating kidney stones, gallbladder and gastrointestinal diseases.

fruit salad


Kiwi: 2 pieces

Tangerine: one number

Pomegranate: One number

Apples: One

Preparation method:

Making fruit salad is very simple. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. For example, bananas and grapes can be good choices for use in fruit salads, and of course the combination of colors also contributes to the beauty of the final product. Now calmly start chopping the fruits. Making good fruit salad is that your hands do not need to be very careful in chopping fruits and your brain can calmly think about success in daily programs and wait for a good nutrition to be prepared to increase intelligence and memory.

Properties of yellows

A joyful, bright, vibrant and stimulating color. Yellow vegetables and fruits are usually appetizing and at the same time suitable for digestion. Yellow fruits and vegetables purify the liver, intestines and kidneys. These foods are suitable in the treatment of diseases of the stomach (gastritis), gallbladder, constipation and blood pressure, as well as lung problems, and are effective in strengthening the lymph nodes of the heart and are very energizing and stimulating the nerves.

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