Using concealer is also a trick

In makeup, concealer has many uses. Concealer is much better and more effective than powder cream because it covers blackheads and blemishes and darkens the skin. In this section, we will describe some of the most important reasons for daily use of concealer:

Under the eyes

Many facial discolorations occur under the eyes for a variety of reasons, from genetics to sleep deprivation. Applying concealer with gentle strokes around the eyes creates a lighter shade than the main color of your skin around and around the eyes and makes your look look fresher and more alert. Use creamy concealers for this purpose.

Around the nose

A must have for those who are very active. The area around the nostrils may turn red for a variety of reasons, including shortness of breath and seasonal allergies, which can make our nose look bigger than it really is. Applying concealer on the nose (which you used to apply moisturizer well) will even out the color of your skin and make you no longer look like a clown during the pollen season! Try using a concealer with a high coverage and a brush to get a more even look.

Around the mouth

Use a creamy concealer around your mouth to make your lips look more naturally natural. Smoothing the skin around the lips will make your lip line and lips more visible. Especially when using a fiery red or plum lipstick. Is your lipstick not bright enough? Apply a small amount of concealer on your lips to increase the brightness of your lipstick.

On the spots

Concealer is the best friend of acne prone skin. When a thick layer of powder cream creates an artificial, gypsum-like appearance on the face, applying concealer sparsely on blemishes and pimples is a great way to cover up everything you don’t want to see, without smudging the smooth, blemish-free areas of your skin. Cover with cream. For these cases, you can use pencil concealers to cover the red spots without any dirt and with elegance. Tip: To apply the concealer to the rest of your skin, use the powder to make it look better.


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