Using Fortasin to prevent premature ejaculation

It is very important for both parties to reach orgasm in a sexual relationship, some men who experience premature ejaculation in their sexual relations, turn to drugs that delay this process. to sprays such as lidocaine or prilocaine, which have their effect quickly after use.

A research group in Hong Kong has announced that the marketing and sale of Fortacin (Fortacin) in the UK for the therapeutic indication of premature ejaculation has started. Currently, more than 25 million men in the European continent suffer from this disorder.
This medicine is a local spray containing a small dose of two anesthetics – lidocaine and prilocaine – which starts working almost immediately after taking them and allows more control for patients. According to Feltora, data showed that more than 85 percent of men treated with this drug experienced a delay in ejaculation for more than a minute compared to before, and after continuing to take the drug for several months, the duration of ejaculation increased. Is. The company’s marketing partner, Recordati, will start selling Fortasin in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Ireland, Poland, Romania and Greece next year.

Jamie Gibson, CEO of the company, said: “Finally, premature ejaculation sufferers in the UK will have a valuable treatment at their disposal. 1 in 4 men around the world suffer from premature ejaculation. Our goal is to make Fortasin available to men around the world.”

Michael Villeh, an expert in Regent’s product research and development department, says: “The complication of premature ejaculation imposes a great burden on society’s health, mental health and emotional health of people in different societies. Finally, the quality of life of the person as well as his life partner is affected. For this reason, we are very happy to be able to introduce Fortasin to the market and provide an effective treatment to this group of patients.”
Fortasin is the first prescription treatment approved in Europe for premature ejaculation that does not affect the central nervous system.
Source: Rozeneh online

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