Using supplements for the sake of the skin

Our advice to people who use a lot of cosmetics is to use a variety of supplements, because excessive use of such cosmetics will cause damage to the skin, and it is necessary to compensate for the side effects of such chemicals through supplements.

Dr. Ehsani, a dermatologist, said regarding skin damage due to long-term use of cosmetics: In most cases, the reason for using too much cosmetics can be attributed to the aspect of women becoming more beautiful or lack of self-confidence.

He went on to say: People use cosmetics to cover up their facial flaws, and most of the time they don’t have the necessary knowledge of irreparable skin damage, and because of the direct relationship between nutrition and skin health, it can be improved by nutrition or food supplements.

This dermatologist added: dairy products and consumption of vitamins A can be effective for improving skin color and regenerating skin cells. Also, taking vitamin A can improve facial lines and wrinkles to some extent.

He said: Consuming fruits and vegetables and liquids can be useful for skin hydration and make the skin clear.

Ehsani stated: It is necessary to follow up zinc, iron and zinc deficiency through tests, because it can cause skin lesions in the groin, armpit and other parts, and it can also cause hair loss and bad mood symptoms for a person.

He pointed out: sometimes it is necessary to take food supplements along with healthy nutrition, which contain vitamins, antioxidants, which have anti-wrinkle properties, transparency, remove dark circles and bruises around the eyes, and can be effective in collagen formation of the skin.

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December 9, 2014 08:19

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