Value your nutrition!

It is better to pay attention to the food you eat and know what you are eating and what ingredients it is made of, and be sensitive to this matter and thus take care of your health.

Dr. Veria Rahimi said in a press conference held on the occasion of the World Food Day: We must raise the level of awareness and knowledge of the people regarding the food, medicine, and cosmetics they consume.

He stated that people should be sensitive to the food products they prepare, and added: One of the most important points to pay attention to when buying a product is its storage conditions. People should observe the conditions of food storage themselves and buy from centers that observe these conditions.

Rahimi continued: Sometimes, the shop owner delivers the mineral water to us frozen or the back of the showcase is exposed to heat, both of these conditions are unsuitable for storing mineral water. We ask people to consume the food they prepare in the same meal as much as possible and avoid storing and reheating food several times.

In addition, Dr. Kyomarth Rahimi, head of inspection and anti-trafficking of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, also asked people to refrain from consuming food and cosmetics that are suspected to be smuggled.

Referring to the strict monitoring of domestically produced goods and imported materials, he said: Even in this sector, due to the frauds that sometimes occur, problems may occur that we deal with. Sometimes in underground workshops, counterfeit materials are prepared that are difficult to recognize, and therefore people should definitely pay attention to the logo of the Food and Drug Organization and the number below it when preparing a food or cosmetic product.

The head of inspection and anti-trafficking of goods of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences stated: Definitely, because smuggled goods are not imported through legal channels, they are not monitored and therefore threaten people’s health. It should be appropriate to not consume this type of culture-building material.

He stated that first we must be sure of the health and safety of the food that reaches the people, and clarified: after ensuring the health of the food, its quality can also be increased.


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