Various sunburn problems

Sun is one of the most important environmental and physical factors that affect people’s skin. People are advised not to be exposed to it during the hours of 10 am to 4 pm when the intensity of the sun is high.

According to Salamat News, quoted by Isna, Dr. Hamid Reshnou said that sunburns and freckles are more severe in the summer when the sun’s angle is steeper and longer, and added: People who are exposed to the sun for certain reasons. They should take more care of their skin.

This skin and hair expert stated that the immediate side effects of sunburn are redness and inflammation and dryness of the skin, which occurs mostly in white and off-white skin, and added: Tanning of the skin occurs in people who are greener.

Reshnou said: The formation of spots, freckles, moles, skin cancers and aging are other side effects of exposure to strong sunlight. The sun creates hypopigmentation (light and dark spots) on the skin, which are white spots on the original skin and dark spots due to sunburn.

He added: People are advised not to be exposed to the sun during the hours of 10 am to 4 pm, when the intensity of the sun is high, and to come out with physical covering (hat, umbrella, gloves) and suitable long-sleeved clothes. It is also necessary to use sunscreen creams with a sufficient dose; Because it is a good protector provided that people are not exposed to sunlight.

This skin and hair specialist added: People with oily skin should use fat-free sunscreen and people with dry skin should use creams with fat. To protect the skin from sunlight, it is necessary to use sunscreen every two hours.

Reshno emphasized that if people are used to using cosmetic creams, they need to apply sunscreen before using these creams, and said: The brand and country of manufacture of sunscreen creams are not important, but creams that have the necessary standards and licenses. They are approved by the Ministry of Health

12 September 1395 17:55

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