Various symptoms of hormonal problems in men

How can I find out the menopausal symptoms in men? What are the best treatments in this field? What causes men to have hormonal problems? How does this complication occur in men?

You are probably surprised to see the title of the article and your eyebrows are raised. Although the general belief in society is that men can maintain their fertility until the last day of life, doctors strongly disagree and see it as a result of a patriarchal belief.

Urologists say that menopausal complications similar to those that occur in middle age occur in older men and, of course, in other ways that, in addition to limiting their sexual potency, extend their shadow to other aspects of their lives. It is a natural event that, of course, is influenced by factors in the daily life of men and sometimes its occurrence is accelerated.

Everything under testosterone!

Testosterone is the name of a sex hormone that is secreted from the hypothalamus gland of the brain. With age, the power of the hypothalamus to produce testosterone decreases, and so does the power of the testicles to produce sperm, eventually leading to menopause. “Menopause is not unique to women and has clinical and laboratory symptoms in men,” said Dr. Amir Ejadi, a urologist, surgeon and kidney and urinary tract specialist, in an interview with Jamjam. We generally see a decrease in the secretion of male sex hormones from the age of 30. Male sex hormones are responsible for creating a series of physical traits in men, such as increasing muscle mass, closing bone plates, and in general it is these hormones that create an aggressive and defensive mood in men. Male sex hormones are anabolic and constructive. The secretion of these hormones is controlled by genes located on the Y chromosome in men. With age, the secretion of male sex hormones decreases and causes menopause.

Dr. Seyed Moghaddad Tabatabai, a specialist in kidney, urinary and genital surgery, also says in this regard: Testosterone reduction in men is the main cause of this problem. According to statistics in the United States, about 12 to 13 people out of every thousand people have the problem of low testosterone, which manifests itself with various physiological symptoms. Menopause is different from women’s menopause. In women, low levels of female hormones and eventually the loss of menstruation are the main symptoms of menopause. This problem occurs in men than women (about 60 years and older).

When you are not feeling well for no reason!

According to Dr. Tabatabai, fatigue, lack of energy to do things, decreased sexual desire, insomnia, irritability and inability to perform normal work and sports activities are the most important symptoms of menopause in men. Dr. Ejadi adds in a simpler explanation: In general, menopausal men feel that they are not well and well. At the same time, they are not in a good mood mentally and they are constantly angry. You must have seen that sometimes old men grumble in vain at home. These are rooted in this issue.

Dr. Tabatabai considers the increase in life expectancy and the increase in life expectancy of men in the last hundred years as one of the reasons that have caused us to see this disease in older men more than before.

When menopause accelerates

Factors such as obesity, blood pressure, diabetes, stress, high fat, blood cholesterol, smoking and… exacerbate the menopausal process after the age of 30. Referring to these factors, Dr. Ejadi adds: Today, half of the population of Iran is obese and this factor causes hormonal disorders. Explaining the destructive role of obesity in the development of hormonal disorders, he says: In the adipose tissue of obese people, male sex hormones are converted into female hormones. That is, testosterone is converted to progesterone and estrogen. Hence, obese men find a body shape similar to women. The same thing happens with obese women, and as a result of the conversion of female hormones to male, we see that they find a pattern of hair growth similar to men. In this way, obese and old men, in addition to the natural decrease in testosterone secretions in their body, due to obesity, the same small amounts of testosterone are changed into female hormones and the menopausal process is intensified in them.

Testosterone test

Regarding the definitive diagnosis and the possibility of delaying menopause in men, Dr. Tabatabai adds: There is usually no specific method and it is not definitive. Thus, if the elderly person has these symptoms, the doctor will order a testosterone test and, if necessary, start treatment. There are injectable medications, skin patches, sublingual pills, and various models of testosterone that doctors prescribe. It should be noted that along with a decrease in testosterone as a result of weakening of the hypothalamus, a decrease in the secretion of other hormones in the body, such as growth hormone and melatonin and رخ also occurs, which actually causes a syndrome. Increased fractures in men due to osteoporosis and increased manifestation of diabetes mellitus are other complications of menopause.

But and if hormones ‌ therapy

Regarding the treatment of this complication, Dr. Ejadi says: “First, the underlying and aggravating problems of menopause should be addressed, and then hormone replacement should be used in patients.” Arbitrary use of the drug, especially based on what is recommended to people on satellite and telegram networks and مردم, he finds problematic and states: hormone replacement and prescribing it is a specialized discussion in which negligence may lead to exacerbation of complications such as prostate cancer. “Patients who are at risk for prostate cancer or are more likely to develop prostate cancer due to a family history of the disease should not use testosterone-containing compounds,” said Dr. Tabatabai. Some heart patients should not be prescribed such drugs

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