Various traditional medicine treatments for menstruation

What are the ways to reduce menstrual pain and reduce it? What are the home remedies for it? What are the recommendations of traditional medicine experts in this field? We have brought you the best ones in this article. Stay with us.

Menstrual cramps, although normal, are sometimes severe and unbearable. Especially since this cycle is repeated every month and of course the pain must be endured every month. This is where many women go for all kinds of painkillers to get rid of these pains.

Sometimes the pain is so severe that one pill does not work and the person takes several pills during the day to get rid of the pain so that he can continue his normal life during menstruation. Most of you are familiar with the dangers of all types of painkillers and know that although taking these pills will ease your pain, you may experience side effects later. Of course, there is another way to reduce menstrual cramps. Dr. Nasrin Ba’iri, a specialist in traditional medicine, tells you these solutions.

The triangle of sleep, exercise and healthy eating

Observing the principles of maintaining health plays an important role in treating this problem and relieving menstrual pain. Regular and timely sleep (especially sleeping between 9pm and 2am), light exercise such as walking, avoiding stress and nervous problems, eating a healthy diet and not eating too many sour foods are some of these. Contrary to many women’s beliefs, light exercise such as walking can be beneficial. Also, the point that is less considered is the avoidance of stress and anxiety. Keeping calm can play a big role in improving a person’s mood during menstruation.

Ginger; Natural analgesic

The use of ginger is also effective in relieving menstrual cramps. For this purpose, pour a tablespoon of ginger jam in a cup of boiling water and cover it for 10 minutes. Then strain it and consume.

Fennel and chamomile; Relieve menstrual cramps

Although menstrual cramps are normal if they are not very severe, some women seek relief from them. It is better to go for natural ingredients to reduce your pain. Herbal infusions such as fennel and chamomile help to reduce menstrual pain. Of course, it should be noted that these herbal medicines should be taken some time before the onset of menstruation, for example, a week to 10 days before and a glass a day. They can be continued for the first two days of menstruation. These sweats can improve your pain.

Take eggs seriously!

In general, during menstruation and to reduce the pain of this period, a few basic points should be considered. The first is proper nutrition. The food consumed during this period is very important in maintaining the body’s ability and even relieving pain. It is better to use hot foods during this period. In addition, eating foods that are hematopoietic is also recommended during this period. Foods such as honey egg yolk (make sure the eggs are healthy), halva, apple juice and. . . useful.

Sometimes a review is necessary

It is important to note that menstruation is one of the natural methods of cleansing the body, but regarding menstrual pain, it should be noted that it is better to be examined by a specialist so that if there is uterine disease, these diseases are diagnosed in time and then medication is prescribed. . We recommend that women pay attention to their pain and the type of menstruation, and it is better to check for very severe pain. In some cases, there is pain in the early years of menstruation, which is usually normal and does not indicate disease, but pain that occurs in later years needs to be investigated.

For less pain, be patient

Although pain is usually difficult to bear and many people can not stand it, but the extent of these pains should be considered. However, during menstruation, things happen in the body that go along with this cycle, as well as pain. Most women experience some pain during menstruation, and this is normal. Tolerating a lot of pain is not recommended, but sometimes it has been seen that the amount of pain in a person is not high, but some people go for a variety of painkillers with the least amount of pain. If the pain is low, it is better for the person to be a little patient to relieve the pain and take the medicine for more severe cases.

Do not forget valerian and chamomile tea

Taking a cup of valerian before breakfast, lunch and dinner is another way to soothe your pain. Do not forget to use ginger tea and chamomile tea.

Massage with warm oils, balloons and warming

In addition to the above, the use of topical medications and warm oils can also be effective in reducing your pain. For example, apply ginger oil to the sore spot one to two days before menstruation. This can reduce your pain. It is also recommended to massage chamomile oil under the navel four to five days before menstruation, twice a day, but it is not recommended to do this during menstruation. Warm up the pain position including the abdomen, back and. . . It is also useful. To do this, you can warm the painful area with a clean, warm towel. The balloon also reduces pain by increasing blood flow and warming the area.

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