Vitamin D and increasing libido

To what extent vitamin D can affect people’s sexual desire and increase it!

Sexual desire is an issue that has a direct relationship with a person’s psyche on the one hand and with the testosterone hormone on the other hand, and in the meantime, the vitamin that may play an important role is vitamin D.

In 2009, scientists’ studies showed that vitamin D, apart from preventing rickets (bone softening), inhibiting all types of cancers, heart attacks and cerebrovascular complications and even treating them, also has a sexual function.

According to researchers, the higher the amount of this vitamin in a man’s blood, the higher the level of testosterone in his blood. Researchers have also conducted research on the effect of vitamin D on increasing sexual desire, and it seems that the level of testosterone in women’s body also plays an important role in the level of sexual desire.

In general, the amount of this vitamin in the body of most of the world’s people is not sufficient and appropriate. In winter, this amount decreases, because vitamin D is created by exposing the skin to sunlight. Experts recommend to be exposed to sunlight for at least ten minutes a day, even on cold winter days. Perhaps one of the reasons that the sexual desire is more in the spring is the sun’s rays.

On sunny days, be exposed to the sun ten minutes a day with a swimsuit-like outfit, and if the weather is cold, wear short-sleeved clothes and take advantage of the sun. Experts recommend to consult your doctor before the arrival of winter to prevent the decrease of vitamin D in the blood and use vitamin D supplements during the winter with his prescription and under his supervision. You can inject an ampoule of vitamin D every month or once every two months.

September 1, 2014 19:25

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