Vitamin D and its food sources

From what sources can we get help to get vitamin D, how will it be possible to get this vitamin, what kinds of foods help us in this field.

Regarding the 12 rich sources of vitamin D, Khosronia, an internist, said: sources that are mixed in fat, eggs, meat, milk, fish meat, some vegetables, and the human body itself produce vitamin D.

He said: To obtain vitamin D, daily exposure to sunlight can naturally store this vitamin for the body.

He said: Milk is another rich source of vitamin D, which can supply the body with 300 cc equivalent to a large glass daily.

Khosronia further added: the use of two eggs a day can be effective in supplying this vitamin and make the body unnecessary.

He said: consuming 200 grams of meat in a person’s diet can also provide this vitamin in the body.

In the end, Khosronia pointed out: If every person can supply the vitamins needed by the body, including vitamin D, with a prescribed diet plan, there is no need to use pills and drugs to supply this vitamin.

In the end, it should be mentioned that lack of vitamin D can cause osteoporosis and excessive fatigue in people, so that the person is not able to do daily tasks and feels tired.

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May 28, 1395 06:50

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