Walnuts fight colon cancer, heart disease and dementia

Walnuts have many properties and benefits, here we discuss the properties of walnuts in fighting previous diseases, colon cancer, and dementia, and tell what benefits walnuts have.

Several researches presented at a conference in the United States shed new light on the properties of amazing foods.

Researchers at Ewha Women’s University in South Korea found that walnut extract reduced the size of colon tumors and slowed the spread of cancer cells.

These researchers were called to conduct further research on the role of walnut consumption in the treatment of colon cancer.

A recent study conducted at Louisiana State University found that adding walnuts to animals’ diets increased the number of bacteria in their guts (which are vital for maintaining gut health).

At Tufts University in Massachusetts, experiments on rats showed that adding walnuts to their diet improved mental ability.

Researchers say eating walnuts may protect the brain against aging.

And a study of postmenopausal women with high cholesterol by the University of California showed that those who ate walnuts had better function in small blood vessels (where blood clots can cause heart attacks or strokes).

Scientists say the results presented at the 2015 Experimental Biology in Boston pave the way for more research aimed at understanding the role of walnuts in disease prevention and control.

Among the ingredients that may be behind these health benefits, ALA fatty acid can be mentioned.

Dennis Balint says: These findings have helped to further understand the benefits of consuming walnuts as part of a healthy diet and presented 159 articles in the last 20 years about how walnuts can affect heart health, diabetes, cancer, etc. , fertility and effective weight control.



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