Ward Off Disease and Heal From Injury Faster with this Lymph Busting Juice

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If you’re feeling like you need a little boost in life, switching attention to your lymphatic system may be just what you need. This lymph busting juice contains ingredients to help tone and squeeze out excess waste matter from the lymphatic system, helping you feel your optimal best.

Over 80% of chronic disease stems from a sluggish lymphatic system. Lymph fluid quietly labours hard, every single day, to clean up the mess made by all systems in the body. The lymphatic system helps ward off disease and is a main player in helping the body heal faster.

Grapes, apples, and lemons are very astringent, and help pull on the lymphatic system and move it along. Ginger is also has beneficial effects on digestion and circulation, two systems that are tied directly to the lymphatic system. Investing in a rebounder, in addition to drinking this juice, will have your lymph cleared out in no time.

Lymph Busting Juice Recipe


– 2 granny smith apples
– 3 cups green grapes
– 1 lemon, peeled
– 2 inches fresh ginger root


Juice all of the above ingredients in a juicer such as the Omega, and enjoy!

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