Warning: Keratinizing hair increases the risk of cancer

Beauty has always been an important and significant issue for all people. In this regard, people do different things for the beauty of their hair, and keratinizing hair is one of them. Creatine contains a solvent that is carcinogenic, according to the president of the Middle East Cosmetic Chemists Association.

Mohammad Baghaei in the press conference of the 13th meeting of the Asian Associations of Chemical Specialists 2017 in Kerman, said: Cosmetics in Iran is usually translated as cosmetic products, in other words, it is a specialized product and knowledge of skin and hair care.

He introduced the members of this association in the Middle East as 11 countries: Syria, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Armenia and Lebanon, and added: 14 associations in the Asian region, including the Middle East, Japan, India, Australia , South Africa, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong are members.

Baqaei announced the time of holding the conference on May 16-29, 1996 in Kerman and said: Kerman University of Medical Sciences is known as one of the centers of pharmacy.

He further assessed Iran’s scientific position in the world as appropriate and added: “I can boldly say that our domestic brands are among the top 50 brands in the world and are equal to them in terms of quality.”

Regarding the use of stem cells, Baqaei said: “We have made great progress in the use of human and animal stem cells, but I am a little behind in the use of plant stem cells.”

“We now produce products that contain plant stem cells, but the raw materials are imported from Switzerland,” added the president of the Middle East Association of Cosmetic Chemists.

“We can take a stem cell from a plant and grow it in a laboratory environment and use it in industry,” he said. Samples of these cells can be found in saffron, which is a native plant of Iran, which has anti-inflammatory properties and is also a moisturizer.

Baqaei called Iran a rich source of plant products and said: “Our country has many native plants, each of which has properties and can be used to produce new products through nano and stem cells.”

He also compared domestic and foreign brands, he said: For several reasons, the quality of domestic products are 100% better than foreign products.

The head of the Association of Cosmetic Chemists of the Middle East continued: “The first reason can be considered the continuous monitoring of domestic products by the Ministry of Health, which includes the time from the issuance of the license to the consumption of the product.”

He added: “The second reason is that the main countries producing cosmetics have laws in their country stating that if their product is not to be distributed in their country and only exported, they will not be monitored.”

Baqaei said that the third and most important reason is the adaptation of each country’s cosmetics to the environmental and indigenous conditions of the people of that land, and said that in order to be able to sell a product all over the world, prominent brands have removed this item from their program and set standards. Are considered to be used in all parts of the world, but let us not forget that the products of each country are made according to its environmental conditions, for example, the people of Japan and Switzerland, who are very careful and sensitive in using these devices, 85 Percent use their domestic production.

Tehran underpasses competition with China in the production of counterfeit products

Regarding the import of counterfeit products to the market, he said: “In this regard, we should be more concerned about the production of counterfeit products abroad than we are concerned about their production.”

Baqaei continued: “Unfortunately, today we are competing with China in the production of counterfeit products and not only harming the economy, but also endangering people’s health.”

Sales of foreign products with 10 times the price increase in Iran

The head of the Middle East Cosmetic Chemists Association said about the relationship between price and quality of goods: “I think there is no relationship between this, because in principle, foreign brands that are sold in Iran at prices above 100,000 tomans, a very low price.” Abroad.

He continued: “Foreign products enter the customs at a price of one dollar and pay 50% less, and in the best case, the price is 8,000 tomans, but until it reaches the buyer, the price will increase at least 10 times and more than It is sold for 100 thousand tomans.

Baqaei said that the reason for this price increase was the lack of proper supervision of penalties between entering the country and the final sale in the shop and pharmacy, and said: until the product reaches the pharmacy, they will add as much as they want to the price, but in accordance with the law. The pharmacy adds only 13% to its purchase price, and it so happens that the cosmetics mafia determines the price of the products themselves and receives huge profits.

Iran in the UV critical region

Regarding the need to promote the use of sunscreens, he said: “Iran is in a critical region in terms of receiving and receiving UV radiation.”

The president of the Middle East Cosmetic Chemists Association continued: “In the summer in many of our provinces, people should not leave their homes during the day, and if they want to leave, they should use umbrellas, gloves, sun hats and sunscreen.”

Risk of cancer by keratinizing hair

He emphasized the use of standard products approved by the Ministry of Health and said: “It is now fashionable to keratinize hair in hairdressers.” Creatine, on the other hand, has a solvent that is carcinogenic.

Baqaei added: The permissible amount of this solvent is one PPM, while 6% of “formal vision” is used to keratinize hair.

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