Wash your hair properly to get better results

Do you know how to wash your hair properly? A study on women washing their hair found that 7 out of 10 women do not wash their hair properly. Everyone who came across this question confidently said that the easiest way to beautify is to wash and shampoo your hair. But the small point in washing your hair multiplies the health and beauty of your hair. Read these tips to see if you wash your hair properly!

Wet the hair with warm water.

We have all heard about the dangers of hot water when washing hair. We may have tried to wash our hair with cold water many times. But the main point is that hot water does not mean very hot and scorching water. Hot water means that the fat pores of the scalp open and the pollution on the hair is removed. Neither the water is too hot nor too cold, which also causes the hair color to become dull. The heat of the water absorbs the nutrients of your hair mask and conditioner.

Wash your scalp, not just your hair.

It is a common custom to apply shampoo to the hair and shampoo the hair, but this custom is wrong. Massage your scalp while shampooing, not your hair. Shampoo the hair follicles and scalp and rinse with warm water (again, I do not mean hot and scorching water). If you have long hair, first shampoo and massage the scalp, then gently wash the ends of the hair. You do not need to shampoo your hair several times or use a lot of shampoo. Even if it is written on the method of shampooing, shampoo your hair twice. You know, they write this way to use more products. Excessive use of shampoo removes beneficial substances and oils from the hair and causes dryness, dandruff and hair loss.

Do not apply the conditioner to the scalp under any circumstances.

It does not matter if you have oily or dry hair, applying conditioner to the hair follicles will cause the hair to become oily and fall out. You must know that shampooing your hair every day is also very harmful for your hair. So it is best to apply conditioner from half of the hair and pour as much as you can into the palm of your hand and massage the hair with the palm of your hand. The combination of apple cider vinegar and water is a natural conditioner for the hair that is not harmful to the hair roots. Rinse your hair with warm water after the massage.

Shine your hair with cold water.

This part requires a little courage, but if you try, you will definitely buy it cold. After washing and rinsing with warm water, finally rinse your hair with completely cold water. This will make your hair color transparent and make your hair beautiful, be sure to try it.

Use conditioner first.

This rule is not for all women. Women who have very long hair or or have wavy hair that can not be washed easily, it is better to soften the hair with conditioner before applying their regular shampoo. This prevents a lot of damage to the hair and they can wash their long hair more easily. Experience has shown that it is better not to use shampoos that have conditioner. If your hair needs conditioner, buy it separately and, as we said, use a completely different shampoo on your hair.

Many people may know this, but it takes some time to turn it into a hair washing habit. How often do you wash your hair this way? Be sure to make these tips your washing habit to understand the difference with previous baths.


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