Washing adult hair with baby shampoo

Hair cleaning is one of the most important elements for hair health and shine, and paying attention to things such as proper hair washing has a great impact on hair care.
The skin contains sebaceous glands whose function is to produce and secrete fat to the surface of the skin for the softness and softness of the hair; For this reason, based on the work of these glands, hair is divided into three groups: oily, normal and dry.

Hair washing has a significant role in preventing hair loss and beauty, and therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the type of detergent, the washing time period and the method of washing.

Below we will explain the simple and important points of hair and washing.

Oily hair: There are more people with this type of hair than other types; Washing this type of hair should be done without the intervention of nails, brushes or fingers and should be washed only with the palms of the hands and in a circular motion.

Washing every other day and twice at a time is enough; Remember to rinse your hair with lukewarm water (do not forget that you do not need conditioner in the wash).

Dry hair: This type of hair has the lowest number of people among the types of hair and it is necessary to use shampoos containing conditioner or cream for washing (shampoos containing tragacanth are a good option).

In washing them, grabbing and brushing should be avoided and washing twice a day in between and twice (hot water is very harmful for washing them).

Normal hair: The amount of fat in this hair and the number of people with this type of hair are between the previous two categories, and for this reason, the washing method should be done somewhat between the previous two types.

The good thing about baby shampoo is that it is a good option for sensitive hair due to its lack of alkalinity, although some are not satisfied with its washing power.

Hair loss is a concern for everyone and it is important to know that hair loss has many factors such as stress, diet, heredity, iron and zinc deficiency, high fever and childbirth; So you can not have a lot of beautiful hair just by taking care of your hair, and it is necessary to observe the complete health of your body (know that hair loss of about one hundred hairs per day is normal).

Finally, a sudden change in water temperature during washing (either too cold or too hot) causes shock to the hair follicles and hair loss.

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