Watch out for sodium in various snacks

To control and deal with high blood pressure in the body, we suggest that you pay more attention to the sodium in various foods. Before buying, pay attention to the labels on them. If you have high blood pressure disorders, it is better to use foods that contain less salt. Use less salt to flavor your food.

The faculty member of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, pointing out that high blood pressure without any symptoms can lead to serious injuries for a person, said: In different societies, one in three to five people has high blood pressure.

Regarding high blood pressure, Maryam Mahmoudi said: In different societies, one out of every three to five people has high blood pressure; But at most half of these people are being treated. It is also possible that the person has had high blood pressure for years; But there is no sign of the disease, so they call blood pressure “silent killer”; Because without any symptoms, it can cause serious injuries to the person.

He added in the health program of the health radio network: blood pressure below 120 over 80 or so-called 12 over 8 is normal. If the blood pressure is 14-12 on 8-9, the person has pre-hypertension and above 14 on 9, the person has high blood pressure that has different grades.

The doctor of nutrition and diet therapy, sedentary lifestyle, stress, smoking and high salt intake and overweight are among the causes of high blood pressure and said: The role of nutritional factors in the prevention and control and treatment of this disease at different levels can be studied. In other words, the nutritional factors are the same anyway, and everyone is advised to avoid high salt intake, but the level of restriction that is prescribed varies from person to person.

Mahmoudi, stating that controlling sodium intake is one of the main points in preventing high blood pressure, said: The higher the amount of food processing, the higher the amount of sodium. Shelves in supermarkets and chain stores are usually arranged in such a way that first processed foods such as cakes and ready meals and vegetables and proteins are placed at the bottom of the shop.

The faculty member of Tehran University of Medical Sciences continued: Although cakes and cookies do not have a salty taste, but sodium is present in their composition. Therefore, people should get used to reading the nutritional value label of food in terms of sodium. As mentioned, salt, or sodium, is a major cause of high blood pressure. Therefore, it is better to use fresh lemon juice and spices to flavor the food.

Asked what the allowable daily intake of salt is, the doctor of nutrition and diet therapy said: “In order to prevent the disease in question, approximately one teaspoon per day is allowed, which is half that for people with high blood pressure.” It becomes. Due to the fact that in our society most of the required iodine is provided by salt, so it is very important that salt is not added to food during cooking so that its iodine is not lost by heat.


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