Wax pain relief

How can we reduce the pain of waxing and reduce it? The pain of waxing is unbearable for some people. How can it be reduced? Join us. We have brought you useful tips in this field.

Some women think that waxing will always be painful, but the reality shows otherwise. Of course, there is no way to completely eliminate the pain of waxing or laser hair removal, but fortunately there are ways that can reduce this pain as much as possible.

The best way to reduce these pains is to set the waxing day exactly two weeks after the end of menstruation. In this situation, hormones are in a state that does not make you sensitive to pain.

In addition, you can use anesthetics that greatly reduce pain before you start waxing. Some experts even suggest that you avoid eating or drinking things that are irritating. Stimulants such as caffeine narrow the pores of the skin, making the waxing process more painful.

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