Ways to improve the marital relationship

Having a good relationship with your spouse can have very positive effects for the couple, both mentally and physically. But unfortunately, many people face problems in this matter due to lack of knowledge of how to treat their spouse. You can improve your relationship with your spouse with positive thoughts as well as useful activities.

1) Determine which behavior of you and your spouse is loved and admired by others. Ask each other the reason, express your feelings about that behavior to each other.

2) Record your conversations during an hour, for example, while eating or while watching TV or in the morning as soon as you wake up, listen to these conversations with each other a few days later. How do you feel when you hear it? Discuss it with each other.

3) Try not to jump in the middle of each other’s conversation and be silent until your spouse has finished speaking and listen carefully.

4) Don’t ask your wife to do anything for you, do shopping or buy a gift this weekend. Instead, do him a favor. how do you feel?

5) Be honest with each other, try to find the ways that make your spouse feel guilty, and try to put aside those behaviors for at least a week.

6) Watch old movies together or listen to each other’s favorite music and talk about it and explain why you like it.

7) Go to the library together and read books.

8) Think about the last 10 years of your life, when you were very happy and everything was according to your wishes. Remember the moments when you felt happy. Talk about it with each other. How do you feel about reflecting on the past? ?

9) Go back to your childhood. Remember the house and the city where you lived, the school you went to school, the school yard, friends and classmates, school memories, your relationship with your siblings and talk about it together.

10) If you had no financial problems or money was not important to you! how was your life Compare those conditions with the current conditions, how do you feel?

11) Set aside time to talk together, for example, in the evenings, or when TV, children, work friends, etc. are not disturbing.

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