Ways to increase sexual desire

Every human being’s health can affect his sexual desire. Since nutrition and healthy diet are the same Ketogenic diet And exercise is the most important factor in maintaining a healthy person, not having a proper diet Sexual disorders Such as (impotence, lack of sexual desire, infertility, etc.).

Sexual desire is medically a sexual instinct Self-aware and unconscious and diverse And as sexual desire, the desire for pleasure and satisfaction is defined. Sexual desire is another example of the vital connection between mind, body, soul and psyche. At first glance, sex seems to be a physical substance, and the physical solutions of the body must be looked at..

Salmon (due to its selenium and omega 3), bananas (due to its high potassium and folate content), citrus fruits (containing antioxidants, folic acid and Vitamin CShrimp (containing protein, zinc, iron, Calcium, Phosphorus and group vitaminsB), Hot red pepper (increases the body’s internal metabolic activity (Bulgur (rich in manganese and selenium) jelly (due to gelatin (They increase sexual desire.

Women for Increased sexual desire They should reduce their consumption of red meat, salt, sugar and fat, and foods such as (soy, cauliflower, broccoli, seafood, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds), foods rich in vitamins E Foods containing soy, wheat germ, seeds, nuts, vegetable oils and beta-carotene foods (apricots, mangoes, carrots) )Brown rice Eating magnesium-rich foods (almonds, green salads, avocados, carrots, citrus fruits, lentils, salmon) is effective in increasing libido for women.

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