Ways to prevent hair loss

Alopecia is one of the most common inherited disorders that has many patients in Iran. This disorder causes hair loss in different parts of the head, including the middle and forehead. But this is not the end! There are many ways to deal with or at least delay this disease. Be with Dr. Salam.

Hair care is relatively easy if you know the right methods. Hair is made of protein, so having proper nutrition and hygiene will help you keep your hair healthy.

In this article, in this proper nutrition and hygiene, there are some tips in maintaining and keeping your hair healthy, according to which you can have good and healthy hair.

Hair cosmetics

Cosmetics such as hair sprays, especially those that contain alcohol-based sprays, can cause damage and brittleness to the hair if used frequently and left on the hair for a long time.

So do not overuse them.

Proper nutrition for hair health

Eat oily fish and nuts for healthy hair. These ingredients contain compounds that strengthen and make your hair look more beautiful.

Fatty fish, such as salmon, contain omega-3 fatty acids that protect your scalp well. Also, be sure to include vitamin C in your diet.

This vitamin increases the strength of hair.

Consumption of iron, transfer of oxygen to blood vessels and the mineral zinc, causes the growth and improvement of tissues, and eventually you will have shiny and healthy hair.

Washing hair

Excessive hair washing is harmful because the scalp also loses its natural oils.

Also, hot water eliminates these natural oils, causing dullness and loss of hair shine.

Therefore, it is better to wash your hair with lukewarm water.

When washing, do not put too much pressure on your scalp. Do not use a hair dryer too much after washing.

Because high heat causes dryness, frizz and reduced hair shine.

Get rid of mucus

Conjunctivitis causes the ends of your hair strands to split in two or more.

Excessive use of hair dryers, hair straighteners and excessive combing can cause dandruff.

Frequent dyeing or curling also affects the hair.

It is better to use protein softeners to get rid of conjunctivitis.

Apply conditioners to the ends of the hair strands.


Human skin is at its highest level due to the fact that creatine is constantly regenerating cells.

In fact, the cells of the outer layer are destroyed in contact with the surrounding space and need to be replaced.

This regeneration is present all over the body, but when in the scalp due to this process of cell death increases, the dead cells appear as visible particles or so-called dandruff.

Using dandruff treatment shampoos with a doctor’s prescription solves the problem.

The effect of anxiety on hair

Any anxious condition, whether physical or mental, can damage your hair.

Excessive anxiety causes hair loss so much that you may lose most of your hair in a short time.

So do not let anxiety overwhelm you.

Avoid anxiety and its complications with various methods such as yoga, cycling, meditation and other sports.

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