Ways to recognize the signs of cancer

Cancer is a type of disease that if you can detect it at first, you have passed most of the way to treat it and you can treat it. But because most people are not familiar with the symptoms of cancer, they cannot recognize cancer at the very beginning, and they recognize it when the work is over and the cancer cells have covered their entire body.

Knowing the symptoms of cancer helps to treat it early and on time.

When we say don’t be sensitive to pain, it doesn’t mean that you don’t take any pain in your body seriously. Many pains in the body reveal problems, and many problems are destroying the body without pain, so if abnormal symptoms are observed in the body, you should consult a specialist doctor as soon as possible.

cancer It is one of those diseases that if we recognize it in time and can detect it before many destructions, it may be possible to treat it easily and prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Many people do not know the warning signs of cancer and ignore it if it occurs in their body, not knowing that these symptoms are very serious and sooner or later cancer may cause irreparable damage to their body.

Very dry cough

Many coughs are caused by the cold season and the occurrence of a Flu It can be easily treated during the flu treatment period.

But if the cough is continuous, it can be a symptom of laryngeal cancer, lung cancer or Thyroid cancer be

Most people with chronic cough are unaware of their cancer and mistake it for a cold or flu.


Changes in bowel function

In a study, it was found that 18% of people are completely unaware of the changes in their intestines. These changes are caused by disorders that result from the consumption of different foods, especially alcoholic beverages or even drugs.

If these changes do not improve after a certain period of time, you should be aware of the cancer symptoms digestive system Be suspicious.

Bladder activities

Urinary tract infections It is very common in women.

If blood is observed in the urine of a person, whether a woman or a man, you should definitely consult a doctor. Seeing blood in the urine along with pain in the bladder, kidney and prostate can be signs of cancer in these organs.

Difficulty swallowing

Tightness in the throat area is an unusual symptom that can be related to a neurological problem or disorders in the body’s immune system. But this problem can also be related to lung and throat cancer.

If you have a problem with swallowing, please be sure to discuss this issue with a specialist doctor.


Seeing blood in the stool is one of the most important and common signs of colon or rectal cancer. Also, women who experience abnormal and out-of-period vaginal bleeding should be checked for cervical or endometrial cancer.

It can also drain blood from the nipple Breast Cancer show Even seeing blood in the urine can mean kidney or bladder cancer.

This type of abnormal bleeding must be controlled and treated by a doctor.

Changes in skin moles are signs of cancer

Changes in skin moles or warts should be taken seriously. If 47% of people who see visible changes in their moles do not go to the doctor and 88% do not take this warning sign seriously.

This sign is one of the most obvious signs of skin cancer, which can be treated to a large extent.

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