We review menopause together

In women, menopause is a sign of a rapid decline in the production of female hormones, which can produce symptoms, both physical and mental. In older men, the production of male hormones also decreases, but the most important factor is a decrease in testosterone. In general, many men in their 40s and 50s develop menopausal symptoms.

According to the latest medical findings, men also change their sexual health with age and face a 70% decrease in male hormones, which causes a kind of sexual menopause in men; But the difference between menopause in men and women is that it is not 100% in men and male hormones are reduced by only about 70% due to aging.

On the other hand, menopause is different from menopause in two ways: first, that its symptoms appear gradually and therefore men are less aware of it, and second, that menopause in men does not have specific symptoms that can be understood by men. Has menopause; But one of the most common causes of bone fractures in men is menopause and changes in male hormones.

Interestingly, sleep and memory disorders, which most men suffer from and are considered to be due to aging, have nothing to do with age and are exactly indicative of male menopause.

However, if this complication is diagnosed and treated in time, it will have a great impact on improving their quality of life and in addition to reducing the complications related to this type of menopause, it will maintain their sexual ability for the rest of their lives.

Women need emotional support and a more intimate relationship with their husbands if this problem occurs.

Physical effects on menopause

– Late wound healing;
– Less ability for physical activity;
– Feeling obese and overweight;
– Difficulty reading small and small writings;
– Forgetting or memory loss;
– Hair loss or thinning;
– Hot flashes;
– Being nervous;
– Decreased memory and concentration;
– fatigue;
– sleep disorders;
– Extroverted depression;
– Loss of confidence and sense of pleasure;
– Loss of purpose and purpose of life;
– Anxiety and worry;
– Feeling lonely and interested in gaining new experiences with other women to test their sexual ability;
– Increased communication problems and inability to establish a sincere relationship with the spouse;
Need to urinate more.

What should be done to prevent and treat male menopause?

Menopausal treatments include testosterone replacement therapy, the use of certain herbal products, proper diet and spousal support, adequate sleep, and regular exercise.

For this reason, it is recommended that men after the age of 50 avoid drinking tea and coffee and eating spicy and very sweet foods and use plenty of fluids. Also to prevent behavioral disorders, use grains and cereals and to prevent osteoporosis, use dairy products, soy, salmon, green vegetables and figs, and to prevent cardiovascular disease use omega-3 foods such as oil. Salmon is recommended.

The duty of women at the time of menopause in men

Menopause is actually for the second half of life. Women should take middle age changes easily and encourage their husbands to do the same and accept and accept that this stage is also a part of life and has its own beauties and charms.

Most men during this period feel that they have lost their power, strength and value. Women need to show their husbands that their attachment to their partner is not just about sex and that they love and respect their husbands under all circumstances.

– The truth is that the most frightening change in a man’s life is related to sexual issues; Because they think it’s an important part of their masculinity. For this reason, women are obliged to empathize with the man during this period and help him understand his situation to talk about his fears and desires and find a way to regain his sense of self-esteem and ability.

– The beginning of this stage does not mean the beginning of an end, but the transition from one stage to another and reaching a more fruitful period and understanding the deeper feelings in married life. Male menopause does not mean a decrease in fertility or complete impotence, but the beginning of a phase in which love replaces fleeting instinctual feelings and gives life a more beautiful meaning.

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