Weakening sexual power with these foods

Some factors play a role in weakening our sexual power. To deal with them, it is better to get help from some effective methods, such as not to eat foods that are effective in this field and avoid consuming them. Herbal products such as lotus, camphor, Coriander, parsley and seeds such as hemp and millet are among these edibles that are harmful to sexual power.

From the perspective of traditional medicine, there are many things that cause weakness in sexual power and fertility. Among the most important ones, we can mention these things: using rose water, smelling roses, smelling sweet almond blossom in women, continuing to eat pickles and colds and moisturizers (of course, this does not have a negative effect on hot-tempered people), excessive food consumption. Purgative, consumption of flatulent foods such as cumin and black cumin, Esfand, marjoram.

In addition to these, certain conditions can also weaken the sexual power: doing hard and intense movements, sleeping in a hard and damp place, standing and walking a lot, thinking a lot, drinking cold water while fasting, excessive fasting and cupping.

In traditional medicine, anything drying can cause impotence. Therefore, all these foods can have a negative effect: cannabis, millet, lentils, cold and dry things like lotus, camphor, coriander, asparagus, pickles, sour and astringent foods like sumac, rhubarb, sour apples, sour and oranges. .

People who do not belong to the group of warm-blooded people should not consume too much watery food, because this will cause weakness in sexual power. Therefore, these people should be careful in consuming lettuce, pumpkin, cucumber, purslane, etc.

December 3, 2015 13:01

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