Wedding day skin care tips

wedding Experience Is once the door life span Arises. It’s normal You have to be the best that day. However, Many brides Are facing problems That is why here are some important points:


1- Eat vegetables and fruits

Green leafy vegetables And Fruit Various In your diet use. By eating diet Colorful، All Nutrients، Antioxidants And vitamins you have Daily At least 5-6 Promise Vegetables and Fruit eat And you can also use homemade juice
2-Avoid the sun And using Sunscreen

the door winter Desire Man To Too much sunbathing Is. However, Although the It may be warm in the winter, but , the light Sun Can Cause Drought، Darkness and even Skin allergies Be. try Be at home or when you go out Hat And Sunglasses you have A good way To avoid The sun’s rays On the face Cream Sunscreen At least SPF 30 To UVA And use UVB.

3-Consumption Omega 3 And 6

Omega 3 And 6 To protect Skin Caused by sun damage it helps These things Includes fish Fat، آجیل And Flaxseed Is that In your diet Include or From Complement Use it to strengthen the skin
4-using AlphaHydroxy

Acids Alpha Hydroxy ، The most important of them Glycolic acid And Lactic acid is. acid Glycolic From sugarcane obtained، And Lactic acid From milk Taken. These acids in treatment Pigment Very it is affect. However To Sun protection Should Simultaneously to be used. Furthermore, To avoid Stimulation, try Choose products From Combination Glycolic acid And Lactic acid، Be used that Softens the skin


Do not manipulate your skin

When the day wedding it’s close، جوش Can unexpectedly To occur. . during جوش You saw, With acid Wash the boil with salicylic acid . Also, did not One dermatologist go, Until those pimples disappear

Be sure to go to a dermatologist 5-6 months before the wedding so that your face is smooth that day and to some extent prevents pimples.

This article has been translated by the translation team of Dr. Salam Medical Journal and its use is allowed only by mentioning the source and address

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