What are the benefits of eating breakfast?

Many previous studies have shown that eating breakfast can help prevent weight gain and significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Currently, coronary heart disease is the most important cause of death in advanced societies as well as developing societies, and the best way to reduce these diseases is to change your lifestyle, especially your diet.

After the end of sleep and 8-10 hours of interruption in fueling the body, eating breakfast is very important as a factor for rejuvenation.

This is the longest interval between triple meals. When you are asleep, your body needs food, fuel, and energy to regulate your heart rate, regulate nerves and nerve cells, and feed the brain, most of which is supplied by blood glucose, muscles, and lungs, which carry oxygen to the blood.

By early morning, the body comes out of rest and needs energy and food, and this fuel must be provided by eating meals. That’s why eating breakfast is so important, especially for children.

Eat breakfast to stay fresh and healthy

When a person does not eat breakfast, his body is more tired due to the lack of food to the brain, and in the middle of the day, eating tea or coffee, or sometimes eating chocolates and sweets that contain a lot of excess sugar, seems to meet the body’s needs, but this The need is not met for a short time, and as a result, the person compensates for this deficiency and hunger by eating at noon.

Mood swings and boredom in the morning are the consequences of not eating breakfast, and such people are more inclined to eat at noon.

If we provide the full breakfast that the body needs, the eating habit will be balanced and as a result, in other meals, the person will not want more food than the body needs, which will cause him to gain weight.

The importance of breakfast in children

Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day.

By eating breakfast, children are more likely to read and understand new things, and instead of thinking about satisfying their hunger, they are thinking about studying and understanding things. Children who do not eat breakfast will feel tired all day, and the risk of obesity and overweight will be higher in this group of children.

Eat breakfast to stay lean

Eating breakfast balances weight in people, especially children.

People who do not eat breakfast try to compensate for their low blood sugar during the day with a variety of sweets for a short time. It will cause obesity and overweight.

Diabetics should take breakfast seriously

Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day.

Depending on the type of medication taken, patients should eat breakfast at a set time each day to avoid hypoglycemia during the day. It is recommended that diabetics eat breakfast regularly in the early hours of the day.

Create variety in the type of breakfast

One way to encourage people to eat breakfast is to make a variety of breakfasts, especially children who avoid eating repetitive breakfasts such as bread and cheese permanently.

Breakfast Appearance

Try to make nice changes in the appearance of breakfast, especially for children, so that people are encouraged to eat breakfast.

being together

Having all the family members at the table while having breakfast will increase the desire of others to eat. Try to be at the breakfast table together, at least on holidays.

Dining space

Try to avoid arguing and even fear of being late for work or school with your family when eating breakfast. Relaxing can help increase appetite.

What are the best foods for breakfast?

A nutritious breakfast includes protein, fiber, whole grains, wheat, vitamins, and the like. Protein sources can be found in foods such as lean meats, milk and eggs.

Fiber is also found in abundance in fruits, vegetables and barley. These substances are not only the best and healthiest food sources and help to strengthen and develop children’s memory, but also give the body the energy it needs to perform daily activities.

We can also use fruits and vegetables for breakfast. If breakfast is difficult for you, you can get the food you need in 2 or more meals.

For example, eating some bread or milk at home, and then eating even an apple at work can provide some energy to the body. But it is better to eat a full breakfast calmly and without haste.

Some people prefer to consume hot foods to different types of cheese or milk. Consuming hot foods such as lentils, porridge, halim, etc., in addition to providing energy, can cause variety and ultimately increase appetite.

To diversify baby food, you can also prepare foods in different forms to encourage children to eat breakfast.

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