What are the causes and symptoms of sarcoma cancer?

This age is the age of cancer! Don’t be surprised, according to the statistics, this period can be called the cancer period. Cancer is one of the newly emerging diseases that every day hears the news about the emergence of a new type of it. Recently, a new type of cancer called sarcoma has been discovered, and we should take its symptoms seriously.

We have heard a lot from our grandparents who say that in the old days (at least the last 15 years) there was no news of so many different diseases and cancers and few families were constantly visiting hospitals and medical centers, but nowadays with the development of technology, the emergence of The variety of snacks and food, the increase in urbanization, the growth of cars in the city and the multifold increase in air pollution, the situation has changed to a great extent, to the point that despite all these hospitals and medical staff, they still do not see days of solitude and day by day even Diseases penetrate even at younger ages.

In fact, the progress of today’s lives and the emergence of various colorful foods have brought many problems that, with a little negligence, involve the young and the old in their complications and harms.

One of the emerging diseases is cancer, although it was known as a giant disease in the past, but today, with the efforts of other specialists, it is not equal to death as before, and with different treatment methods, the growth process is slowed down or even improved.

But this matter did not end there and the market of types of cancer has become very hot these days, so that every now and then a new type of them appears, such as sarcoma or bone cancer, which is referred to as an unknown cancer because doctors They believe that the cause of it is unknown.

Bone tissue cancer also arrived

Mohammad Akbari, an orthopedic specialist, said: Sarcoma is a malignant cancer of bone tissue, which is usually diagnosed with a bone scan or a whole body scan.

Sarcoma or meat claw is any group of malignant tumors that target connective tissue cells (and any type of tissue with the ability to replace other tissues). If these tumors are diagnosed early, they remain benign, but due to rapid metastasis through blood vessels, they are in the malignant subgroup.

Three special signs that should be taken seriously

Alireza Rajaei, a rheumatologist, said: This type of cancer does not show any special symptoms, and the patient only goes to the doctor with pain, swelling, and the feeling of the presence of a mass in a part of the body, and with various examinations, the specialist diagnoses cancer or another disease. gives In fact, when a person comes to us with these three special symptoms, after cancer diagnosis, we refer him to an oncologist to complete the treatment.

He continued: Of course, it goes without saying that a person with these symptoms (depending on which part of the body he saw the symptoms) can refer to a doctor such as a general surgeon, a neurosurgeon, an orthopedic specialist or an oncologist to identify his illness. .

A rare and troublesome disease

Marzieh Lashkari, an assistant professor of radiation oncology at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, considered bone tumors to be mostly benign and stated: However, their prevalence is not precisely known because most of them are asymptomatic and are discovered by chance. In fact, malignant bone tumors as a rare disease comprise less than 0.2% of all cancers.

About the risk factors of bone tumors, he said: the risk factors of malignant bone tumors generally include a history of radiotherapy, the use of some chemotherapy drugs, genetic factors and chromosomal disorders, some benign bone lesions such as Paget’s, etc.

Akbari also stated: In this type of cancer, long bones are usually more involved than short and round bones.

Bone tumors do not distinguish between young and old

The assistant professor of Radiotherapy Oncology of Tehran University of Medical Sciences mentioned: osteosarcoma (mostly seen in long bones and the most common place of occurrence is the bones above and below the knee and upper arm), chondrosarcoma (this tumor usually grows slowly and mostly in the bones hip, shoulder, thigh, and arm) and Ewing’s sarcoma (this tumor can occur in any bone, but it is mostly in the hip, thigh, and leg) are the most common malignant bone tumors.

He added: Osteosarcoma and Ewing’s sarcoma are more common in young adults and children, and chondrosarcoma is more common in middle-aged people.

Prepare to fight

Referring to surgery as the only way to treat sarcoma, Akbari said: When this disease is diagnosed before it metastasizes or spreads to different parts of the body, a piece of the bone involved in this cancer is removed, but if it has metastasized, the only treatment is to remove the mass. It has not been completed and chemotherapy and radiotherapy must be completed.

Stating that the diagnosis of this cancer is the responsibility of orthopedic specialists, he said: For the treatment steps, the patient must refer to different specialists, for example, a cancer specialist or an oncologist is needed for chemotherapy, and a radiologist is needed for radiotherapy.

When a huge range of doctors join hands

According to Rajaee, after the initial investigations and going through the steps of ultrasound, MRI and simple photography, the presence of the mass can be detected, and its type will be determined after sampling and sending it to pathology. Although the presence of a mass and the occurrence of cancer may not necessarily be bone cancer, but without a doubt, its treatment and treatment is necessary and has priority.

This specialist rheumatologist stated that for the treatment and recovery of this disease, a huge range of doctors and specialists should work: for bone cancer; Radiation therapy by radiotherapists, mass removal by surgeons (in this case, depending on which part of the body the mass is, a special surgeon should act) and chemotherapy by cancer specialists if necessary.

Throwing it behind the ear and falling down

Rajaei said: The incidence of this cancer in people with a history of other cancers or Paget’s disease of bone should be followed up and treated more carefully.

He mentioned about Paget’s bone disease: a bone disease with gradual progress and characterized by bone destruction and bone regeneration beyond normal, although the regenerated bone is fragile and weak. Paget’s is not a cancerous disease and it usually affects the bones of the skull, spine, legs, and pelvis.

According to some doctors, Paget’s disease of bone is considered an incurable disease, but its symptoms can be alleviated or controlled. This disease reduces life expectancy, but most patients survive at least 10 to 15 years after its onset.

Therefore, it is better, instead of taking our small and big pains for granted and paying attention to them behind our ears, and seeing any unusual pain or symptoms, we should go to the doctor immediately. Sometimes it is possible to think about it too late, take actions and make late diagnoses under various excuses, causing problems for the person and those around him, which makes it harder and harder to continue living.

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