What are the characteristics of a standard shampoo for hair?

Shampoo (Shampoo) is a word that is derived from the word Champana (Champana) and this word is a Hindu word. Today, shampoo is used to wash the head and in ancient times, herbal ingredients were used instead. The hair also used minerals such as siliceous soils.

Before the advent of modern shampoo, people used herbal ingredients such as cedar, chubby, tragacanth, and minerals such as siliceous soils to wash their hair, but soap was the most common hair wash, and so the first shampoos were soap shampoos. Gradually, with the advent of synthetic cleansers, a mixture of soap and cleanser and finally pure cleansers were introduced.

Of course, many people still use soap to wash their hair because they are unaware of the problem that soap causes with alkalinity and water hardness. The most important function of the shampoo is to clean the hair and scalp and remove dirt and dirt from its surface.

Using inappropriate shampoos and using the wrong method of using shampoo causes turbidity and damage to the hair. If you find the right shampoo for your hair and become familiar with the correct method of shampooing and drying your hair, you can safely comb your hair. Wash daily or several times a day.

Improper shampoo due to non-standard and allergenic substances causes severe dermatological skin allergies, inflammation and eczema.

The appropriate shampoo is prescribed by a dermatologist by examining the sex and disease of the hair, and in the first stage, the sex of the hair is examined in terms of dryness, fat and normal and all kinds of conjunctivitis, itching, pimples and eczema to select the appropriate shampoo. . For example, dandruff gets worse and worse with regular shampoos and requires an antifungal and dandruff shampoo to cure the disease.

Source: Lawyer of the Nation

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