What are the characteristics of healthy red meat?

The meat of animals such as beef, mutton, jaws, hippos, guinea pigs, pigs and sea lions is called red meat, which is high in fat and protein and is highly consumed among the people of the world. High-fat red meat lowers bad cholesterol in the blood Increases and also increases the risk of heart disease.

The head of the Food Supervision and Public Health Department of the General Veterinary Office of Zanjan Province said: The color of red meat should be light and natural and not inclined to dark.

In an interview with ISNA, Ali Ashrafi stated: “Healthy meat has characteristics that every consumer should know.” For example, the outer surface of the meat should not be damp or wet, and no abnormal odors such as sourness and stench should be inhaled. There should be no abnormal odor at the junction of the meat and the bone; Because the presence of an abnormal odor in this part is a sign of deep corruption in the meat carcass.

The official stressed that cases of hemorrhage, fungus and foreign particles should not be observed in the meat, he continued: the meat should not be too hard or viscous and soft. Meat fats should also be white or whitish and without any unpleasant odors. In addition, organs such as the liver should not have swelling, cysts, and abnormal color and odor.

He pointed out that the meat should not be dry and wrinkled, adding: the purchased product must have a veterinary seal. Also, packaged meats available in stores should be refrigerated and sold within a certain period of time after production. When buying, be sure to pay attention to the label on it to know the date of manufacture and expiration date.

Ashrafi pointed out: under no circumstances should minced meat be offered ready-made in stores in the city and it should be done only at the request of the customer and in his presence and with all health issues such as proper washing of the machine.

The head of the Food Supervision and Public Health Department of the General Veterinary Office of Zanjan Province emphasized: production and expiration date, exploitation license code of the General Veterinary Office of the province, address of production place and storage conditions (fresh: zero to 4 degrees Celsius, frozen: minus 18 degrees Celsius ) Are items that the consumer should pay attention to when buying packaged raw animal products.

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