What are the characteristics of the best tweezers?

In this section titled “What are the characteristics of the best tweezers” published in Dr. Salam medical magazine, we will tell you which tweezers are best and what you should do to make your eyebrows beautiful.

Use tweezers to remove excess hair.

Brush your eyebrows upwards to make them appear full and to the left and right to make them appear thin. Use eyebrow gel to keep your eyebrows in shape.

The best tweezers are the curved tip tweezers that have a rough end and are easier to grab hair with. Do not force to pull the hair. For better control of this action, some tweezers are in the form of scissors.

Every two or three years, you should replace your tweezers when the tips become loose.

Always keep your tweezers clean.
Clean the tip with an ear swab dipped in antiseptic or alcohol.

Always remove your eyebrows at night so that the red marks around the eyebrows disappear before starting makeup in the morning.

12 March 2011 10:47

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