What are the consequences of oral sex?


Many couples have the desire to experience new methods in sex, one of the methods of intercourse is oral sex. In this article, we intend to inform you about the dangers of this relationship. Stay with us.

Oral sex, or oral sex, is one of the relationships that some couples do without considering the dangerous consequences of this work and without concern.

At the same time, Dr. Mohammadreza Safarinejad, a urologist, tells “Salamaneh” about this type of sexual activity: “Our emphasis on having healthy and safe sex is more to prevent the development and transmission of various diseases, especially sexually transmitted diseases between couples. Currently, genital wart disease is one of the diseases whose occurrence is more common than before. The virus of this disease can easily enter the oral cavity through oral sex and cause genital warts around the lips, inside the lips, on the cheeks and tonsils.

The head of the Iranian Family Health Association adds: “The result of a new study shows that the prevalence of cancers inside the oral cavity, pharynx and larynx in the last two decades is high, and the reason for this is the increase in the desire of couples to have oral sex and the transmission of the HP virus. He (the cause of genital warts) is said to enter the oral cavity.

This member of the academic staff of the Army University of Medical Sciences emphasizes that the HPV virus is a dangerous virus and the main cause of cervical cancer in women. “The chances of getting cervical cancer in women who have genital wart virus types 16 and 18 are 200 times higher than other women.”

He points out that it is possible to transfer other viruses and microbes from the penis to the oral cavity during oral sex.

Dr. Safarinejad believes: “On the other hand, the oral cavity has many and dangerous microbes such as anaerobic microbes. For this reason, there is a possibility of transferring these microbes from the mouth to the genital area and disrupting the distribution pattern of bacteria in the body.”

March 2, 1392 23:06

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