What are the medical reasons for women’s lack of sexual desire?

Women who are cold-tempered and do not desire sexual intercourse may be due to improper training, bad experience, or lack of attraction to their husbands, but besides all this, there may also be medical reasons.

Some of the most important symptoms that cause women’s reluctance and coldness are:
Decreased blood flow
Over time, high blood pressure and diabetes affect the blood vessels, making the arteries hard and narrow, and this year, it reduces the blood supply to the reproductive system.
Hormonal problems
Menopause, breastfeeding, birth control pills and thyroid problems reduce libido.
Side effects of drugs
Antidepressants and chemotherapy such as tamoxifen can cause coldness.
Nerve damage
Diseases such as Parkinson’s, MS or hip surgery may damage the nervous system, which can be one of the reasons for reluctance.
Also, another factor of sexual reluctance and coldness is psychological factors. Depression and insomnia are examples of these factors.
The treatment method of this disorder, similar to other sexual and mental disorders, can be through psychological counseling and psychotherapy and referring to a sexologist. Many cases have been treated using this treatment method.

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September 31, 2013 21:11

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