What are the problems of sex with tampons?

Usually, intercourse and sexual intercourse despite the monthly menstrual cycle is not easy. When you’re on your period, you can feel hot and heavy, and the last thing you want to do is stop your activities and go to the bathroom to take out a tampon. However, it is best to remove the tampon first because if you don’t, the tampon may end up in the vaginal canal. This can be unpleasant and also cause some health problems. In this article from the section sexual Hello, Dr. Salam, we are going to examine the problems of sexual intercourse with the presence of tampons.

Sexual problems with tampons

You can definitely have sex during your period. Some women believe that menstrual blood works well as a natural lubricant and they have had sex more during their period than at any other time. However, having sex with a tampon is not recommended. In fact, you should remove the tampon before you have sex. Otherwise, you may experience one or more of the following:

Problems having sex with tampons – hard tampon removal

The penis or a sex toy can push the tampon into the vaginal canal. You won’t lose the tampon in your body, but you may have trouble removing it and it may be difficult to remove.

Causing pain and discomfort

During sex, your partner’s penis or sex toys may push the tampon against the cervix, which can be painful. Similarly, some people find that their cervix and uterus are sensitive during menstruation. The tampon puts pressure on these parts and may cause more discomfort.

Unpleasant sex with a tampon

The tampon and the penis can occupy the same amount of space, and in this case, the tampon prevents the full penetration of your partner’s penis. This may make your partner uncomfortable and not enjoy sex.

No stimulation of the cervix

During penile penetration, cervical stimulation can lead to increased pleasure and even orgasm. The tampon blocks the way and prevents your partner from stimulating your uterus.

Sex with a tampon – bruises and tears

Tampons go towards the uterus and cervix and this may cause bruising or tearing. Wet tampons are more flexible and less likely to squeeze sensitive tissue.

Unpleasant smell

The first sign that you may have forgotten to remove the tampon is an unpleasant odor from your vagina. After a few days, the tampon will smell inside the vagina.

Vaginal Infection

Used tampons increase the risk of infection Bacterial infections be.

Sex with tampons and toxic shock syndrome

This threatening but rare infection can be caused by tampons that are left in the body for a long time. Manufacturers of health products have changed their products to reduce the risk of developing this syndrome. But the danger for forgotten tampons inside the body still exists.

How to deal with a tampon that is under too much pressure

During sex, penis Or the sex toy may push the tampon into the vaginal canal. It may be difficult to remove because the thread attached to it is above your reach. It is also possible that you forget the tampon. However, you should act to remove it as soon as possible. The longer the tampon stays inside your vagina, the greater the risk of possible complications and side effects.

To remove the tampon, first wash your hands well. Then lie on your back and use two fingers to check your vagina for tampons or threads. You can also sit on the toilet and find the tampon. Do not use tools such as tweezers to remove the tampon. If you can’t remove or find your tampon, call your doctor, explain your condition, and see a doctor as soon as possible.

Your doctor will use a quick method to remove the tampon. This method is similar to the pelvic exam. Your doctor will not need a cervical cell sample because they can easily remove the tampon. As long as you do not experience symptoms such as fever and pain, your doctor will not need to perform additional tests. However, if you experience these symptoms when the tampon is pushed into the vagina, your doctor may want to perform a full pelvic exam to check for signs of a bacterial infection.

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