What are the risks of storing cosmetics in the bathroom?

Many of us put our cosmetics in front of the bathroom mirror. This gives us the feeling that all our powders, mattes and concealers are in the back and easy to access.

But putting cosmetics anywhere like the bathroom is not a problem!

The danger of keeping cosmetics in the bathroom

According to Jenny Frankel, the president of Frankley Beauty Company, high heat, humidity and steam in the shower cause bacteria to form in cosmetic products! Especially those that have expired and their use by date has passed. (For example, mascara should be replaced every three months).

You may ask what is the best way to know if a product is contaminated or not? When it changes shape or smells. Frankel says, “When your makeup begins to separate, turn yellow, or smell unpleasant, it’s time to replace it.”

The good news is that most cosmetic products contain preservatives. These substances prevent the growth of bacteria. But those that do not have preservatives (and are usually natural and organic), should not be placed in bathrooms and humid environments.

Do not ignore your toilet table!

Due to the heat and humidity, even some toilet tables can be introduced as a bad place to store cosmetics. The presence of these factors together provides an environment that destroys and destroys the main and key ingredients of cosmetic products such as vitamin C and retinol. These compounds that disappear are the ones that make a product have anti-aging, anti-acne and several other useful properties.

It is not only complex and special compounds that lose their effects, scrubs that are made of salt or sugar may also lose their effective properties in high humidity.

What can we do to prevent this from happening?

In order to prevent this from happening, Frankel recommends keeping your makeup out of the bathroom. “The best place to store your makeup is a cool, dry, dark place like a drawer,” she explains.

In this way, your cosmetics will retain their effects and will not expire soon.” If this is not practical for you, move your toilet table from the bathroom to another place such as the room. This prevents excessive heat and humidity.

Some products can even be stored in the refrigerator. If you can’t make these changes, Frankel says, try buying products that contain preservatives like parabens, sodium benzoate, EDTA, and alcohol. (Of course, there is room for debate about the safety of these preservatives, although it is said that there is nothing to worry about, but the research is still ongoing.)

Finally, carefully protect your cosmetics from bacteria!


May 4, 2013 21:53

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