What are the side effects of waxing the face?

Are you familiar with the side effects of waxing the skin? Waxing is one of the many ways to get rid of unwanted body hair compared to old methods such as threading and using depilatory powders and creams. If you decide to remove a large amount of hair at once, facial waxing is a good way. In this article from the section Beauty, skin and hairHello doctor, we are going to examine the side effects of waxing the skin of the face. If you are looking for a way to grow hair slower, using wax or candles is an ideal option. As you learn about the benefits of candles and use this method, it is better to learn about its side effects.

Candling the skin

Using a cold or hot candle to remove facial hair is done by rubbing the candle on the skin in the direction of hair growth and pulling it in the opposite direction to remove the hair from the root. This causes a large number of hairs to be removed at once.

Side effects of facial skin waxing:

You can easily get face candles from pharmacies. Although this product can be purchased from a pharmacy, it does not mean that it does not have any side effects on the skin. In the rest of this article, we will examine the side effects of face waxing:

the pain:

No matter what kind of candle you use, you will eventually feel some pain. This pain is felt when you want to suddenly pull out the candle, exactly the same as when you want to pull off a bandage stuck on a hairy scalp. The amount of pain depends on the type of skin and its sensitivity, the pain threshold, the amount of hair and the area where the candle is placed. For example, you may feel more pain behind the lip than on the chin.

Redness and burning:

Using facial candles can cause redness and burning afterwards. You may have noticed that freshly waxed skins are pink or red in color and very sensitive to the touch. Using facial cleansers may cause skin irritation, so it is better not to use alcohol toners after putting out candles. The redness will usually disappear the next day. You can also use a cold compress to improve the skin.


Redness and burning of the skin after putting out candles are usually temporary. Although, sores and scratches are a common side effect, they can be noticeable on the facial skin for a day or more. Stop using skin products if the sores get worse or are spreading.

Facial waxing

Temporary boils:

You may notice small pimples on your skin after the candle. These pimples are created exactly on the openings of the skin where the hairs have come out from the root. You can use facial creams or conditioners to get rid of these pimples. But these tiny pimples will disappear by themselves after a few hours.

Subcutaneous hair:

It is possible that some areas of your body have not been completely removed from the skin due to shaving when the hair grows, this can be repeated with waxing or waxing. You can reduce the risk of this by using candles in the opposite direction of hair growth. Ingrown hairs or goose bumps happen when the hair is not completely removed from the root and the hair breaks and returns to the skin.

Sensitivity to sunlight:

You should never skin that has recently suffered Sun burn It has been thrown a candle. You should still take care of your skin after throwing candles. By throwing a candle, the epidermis on the surface of the skin will be destroyed, and this will make the skin sensitive to sunlight.

Allergic reactions:

Due to the presence of various substances in the candles, you may develop skin sensitivity. To know if your body is allergic to the desired candle or not, apply a small amount of it on the arm and remove the hair of a small area. If you do not feel any changes in your skin within 24 hours, there is no problem. This is how you can tell if your face is sensitive to candles. Avoid using the wax on your skin if you experience any itching, sores, or redness after testing.


Sometimes throwing a candle causes bleeding, but this is completely normal. This position is due to the loss of the epidermis on the surface of the skin along with the hair. You may see only a little blood. To prevent this from happening, use waxes for sensitive skin.

July 15, 2018 19:00

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