What are the tips and secrets of having healthy nails?

Nails, like other parts of the body, need care and protection. What tips should you follow to have beautiful and healthy nails? If your nails are weak or break easily, I suggest you read this section of Dr. Salam’s medical journal carefully and follow them to have beautiful and healthy nails.

We are telling you 9 secrets and important tips to protect and maintain your nails. You just need to follow them to achieve healthy nails.

These secrets are:

Use sharp nail clippers

Slow nail clippers will cause your nail to crack under the pressure of the nail clipper. It is better to cut them in a rectangular shape and then round their corners a little so that they are more durable.


Do not keep your hands too wet

Try to dry your fingers after bathing or swimming, the moisture left on the nails increases the risk of fungal diseases.


Do not abuse your nails

It is better to take care of them instead of dragging them on any surface, banging on them or using them as a screwdriver.


Do not bite the nails and the skin around them

The skin around the nail is a bed for the nails, too much peeling of the skin causes the nail to be damaged and the possibility of fungal diseases increases.


Use gloves when doing housework

From washing the dishes to cleaning the toilets, all of them are killers of your nails.

Strong detergents do not have a good relationship with your nails. Of course, pollution also reduces the durability of nails.

To protect your nails from these disasters, it is better to wear gloves.


Grease your nails

It is not only the skin that suffers from excessive dryness. Your nails also need moisture and oil. Try to grease them with castor oil which contains vitamin E. Olive oil can also be useful for their durability.


Eat milk and boiled eggs

Calcium and zinc can be considered as life-giving elements of nails, adding eggs and milk to daily meals can prevent nails from breaking and the appearance of white spots on them.


Paint your nails

A thin layer of nail polish can help strengthen them, but remember not to leave the nail polish on for more than a week.

It is better to remove them after 7 days and give your nails a rest for a few days and then apply new nail polish again.


Avoid using acetone

Due to its molecular structure, acetone causes dryness of the nails and the skin around them. It is better to use solutions based on steatite to remove nail polish.

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